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  France Passes Draconian Anti-Sect Law

Social Justice Posted by <Xnoubis> on Sunday June 25, @10:39AM
from the we-don't-need-your-kind-around-here dept.

On June 22, the French government passed a law sharply curtailing the rights of minority religions, and loosely defining a new category of crime, “mental manipulation,” intended to be used as a weapon against so-called “sects.” The full text of the law in French can be found here. The passage of this law aggravates existing concern over the direction of religious rights in Europe from civil rights advocates and the halls of Congress. The Pope has also called for “the media to be vigilant and to treat fairly and objectively the different religious denominations” (in French). [Note: These French passages can be roughy translated through Babelfish.]

Most worrying, the anti-sect movement within France has defined 178 organizations operating within the country as sects, and potentially penalized under the new law. Has anyone seen this list, and does anyone know if there are any Thelemic organization, such as the French OTO, on it?

Correction, 6/30/00: According to Lewis Dolinsky, the bill has yet to become law, needing first to be passed by the Senate and signed by French President Jacques Chirac. Can French-speaking Thelemites get a letter-writing campaign rolling?

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**Re: France Passes Draconian Anti-Sect Law**
by Jessica Govoni on Monday June 26, @09:42PM

I have found something that might be of interest to people wondering what stirred all this up…

It seems that in France this idea has been on the back burner for a long time. In the mid-90s there were a two mass suicides by members of a group called Order of the Solar Temple (OTS, Ordre du Temple Solaire)

You can read more about this group at the address below.


I still have not seen nor heard about any of the unlucky folks on the list they cooked up.


The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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