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  What Does Reguli Do to You?

Magick Posted by <Xnoubis> on Sunday July 23, @10:56AM
from the nice-guys-finish-LAShTAL dept.

//Liber V vel Reguli// begins with a declaration that it is “adapted for the daily use of the Magician of whatever grade.” And it is no secret that its daily use is suggested for members of the Second Degree of OTO. But many Thelemites have come to the opinion that performing Reguli every day is not a good idea.

I began the practice of Reguli in New Orleans, where few Thelemites lived at the time. The most striking feature of the ritual was for me the use of the averse pentagram. The rite didn't seem demonic to me, at least in the Ozzy Osborne sense of the term. So why were the stars averse instead of aright?

After a few days of practice, I felt that I had “gotten” it. When we draw the pentagram aright, we affirm the spirit's control over the elements. By the averse pentagram, we acknowledge the elements' control over the spirit. This is our ordinary state, except that ordinarily, we do not recognize it. With the regular pentagram, we lift ourselves from the darkness into the light. With Liber Reguli, we develop the ability to see in the dark, so to speak. The more I practiced Reguli, the more integrated I felt with parts of myself that had previously gone unnoticed. Overall, I found the experience to be settling and calming.

It wasn't until I moved to California that I heard the accepted wisdom: “What a work of mischief, to get Second Degrees performing Reguli every day!” In my adopted homeland, it seemed that most magicians who worked with Reguli, er, regularly, found it to be rapidly and profoundly disruptive.

At first, I thought that this must have been due to the bad experiences of one practitioner who spread the news of his difficulties around, which influenced others, who spread it from there, etc. But since then I've heard the same evaluation from others all over the country.

Am I the only one who practiced Reguli unscathed? What does Reguli do to you?

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**Re: What Does Reguli Do to You?**
by <Diancecht> on Sunday July 23, @12:36PM

As an ritual to invoke the Mark of the Beast, and bring the Aeon of Horus into the world, it definitely must be wrathful and energetic, but in truth, an ecstasy of wrath, as I’ve experienced, is good, not demonic, in its strange sense (who said Ozman is demonic?!). The way that the inverted pentagrams are traced prove this, or should anyway. (They never start as descending) thus the idea being a Cross, is conjured up.

The magick itself is to pierce the veils of Everything, and is theoretically rooted in the manner the brain works. (See my comment under the Great Book of Blasphemies.) One should destroy the mental-conditionings they were taught in order to find and rebuild Truth, the Foundation of substance… Aside from that, daily practice brings divine inspiration, just as would jammin’ to Iron Maiden, or NIN at full blast. And when was the last time someone burst a bubble in fright that a teenager was rockin to ‘tailgunner’ or ‘run to the hills’?

On a side note, I wouldn’t suggest daily practice of any one ritual, but that’s just me. The shit I do daily has no script, no materials…I do things, not because someone told me so.

Could there be too much paranoia and fear circulating around? I would think so. Mystification is a great thing, but if one is to be ignorant or fearful of it, then he’d better ask himself if he didn’t pick the wrong line of work.

Re: What Does Reguli Do to You?\\
by <Xnoubis> on Monday July 24, @08:53AM
I do believe I see what you're saying… ;-)\\
Apologies for being unclear with the Ozzy reference. I was referring not his work itself, but to the whole school of scare-Aunt-Gladys devil worship marketing, which has never appealed to me. It would have been better if I had cited a poor artist who's marketed that way, but I don't keep up with them.\\

  • |Re: What Does Reguli Do to You?\\
    by <Diancecht> on Monday July 24, @12:24PM

    >I was referring not his work itself, but to the >whole school of scare-Aunt-Gladys devil worship >marketing\\
    Oh, you mean something like 'Slayer'…I see your point…I never thought you were taking shots at Ozzy anyway. ;)\\

**Re: What Does Reguli Do to You?**
by Mei-Tricks Boy on Sunday July 23, @02:41PM

I, being a second degree, found this article deals with something I dealt with an issue I recently resolved for myself. Here I was, in the progress of learning Liber vel Reguli, trying to wrap my mind around the concepts and learn how to keep my center of balance while spinning. I was practicing in my living room, on the back porch, and even in remote places on the college campus. I read what DuQuette said, asked a few people who I value as Magick resource and some who just have more experience than me, and didn't come to any kind of conclusion.

Finally, I had an opportunity to do the ritual. I was over in San Francisco, and I was taken to the top of a new-found friend's apt. building. I was up on this rooftop, and I could see the ceiling of the city. I immediately knew it was time. My breathing stilled itself, and I walked to the center…

After that, I went back down with my now dazed and confused friend to his apartment where the rest of our party were. We were listening to classical music, and talking abvout his art.

All of a sudden, i felt like I was trapped in that place where everyone you see looks like someone you know with a wicked grin, and the lights went down, and a blue light came on and Billie Holliday haunted the room with her lamentations.

Then I started to ponder the validity of my perceptions, and somehow came to the conclusion I was still on the roof. Then my friends wanted to leave, and I thought that going down the stairs was simply my mind's way of regulating the experience of jumping.

I was carried to a friend's house and put to bed, and soon I started to come down. I was then reminded of a situation in which I was given a valuable lesson of making sure someone you know you can trust has your back and words in that situation don't amount to much without an oath.

I came to the conclusion, that IMHO, vel Reguli is a magickal tool of Natural Selection which is used to create adaptations in the magician that make his personal will unique, and yet complementary to the Law of Thelema.

My general advice is to do it until it works, and you can't help but know when that is.

In a sense, vel Reguli, is the bridge all your friends are asking you to jump off. If you jump and survive, you'll earn a great deal of respect from your peers. If you're wise enough to not jump without reason, you'll earn the wisdom of your elders.

**Re: What Does Reguli Do to You?**
by <aleph> on Monday July 24, @01:33PM

Well, I have heard a lot of theories about the Reguli, but the only one that really makes sense to me is my own.

I, too, practiced the Reguli on a daily basis with very little disruption to my life (once I figured out how to work it).

My theory is that the averse pentagrams tap into your own negative energy or karma. Normally this would be rather crazy, but the central part of the ritual, PROPERLY PERFORMED, purifies the energy and dedicates it into the path of one's will.

Until one *gets* this, either consciously or unconsciously, the transformation will elude one, and you are just left with a mess.

Another thing which helps in performing the Reguli is to understand the First Gesture. IMO, this gesture is double-wanded - it can both raise energy and ground it. The key to this is the part called The Asseveration of the Spells. If you think of this part as a Middle Pillar exercise, it can be quite beneficial.

Before practicing the Reguli, I would recommend mastering the first gesture, using the five words of this aeon as a middle pillar - LAShTAL at Kether, Thelema at Da'ath, etc. with AUMGN at Malkuth. This last may seem strange, but the AUM grounds, while the GN cycles the energy back up to Kether at the very end. Here is a good place to do circulation of light.

However, this is only half of the equation - the next step is to master using the first gesture to raise the kundalini - this is done by using the five words of this aeon in the reverse direction - LAShTAL at Malkuth, Thelema at Yesod, and so on with AUMGN at Kether. One may practice this several times during one session, but be sure to reverse the current with the downward version before finishing and banishing.

One should not go on to perform the full Reguli until: 1) you are sure that you are able to raise the kundalini to some extent; and 2) you are sure that you are raising it pretty much in the CENTER, without too much imbalance into either the left or right channel. Doing ten minutes of alternate nostril breathing beforehand should prove useful.

When you start to practice the Reguli, use the downward-directed method at both beginning AND end. What you want to work on here is perfecting the central transformation. You want to work this way for some time, and be very sure that you have the transformation component perfected before moving on.

Finally, use the upward-directed method at the beginning of the Reguli, and the downward-directed method at the end. This will be *MUCH* more powerful, and a very positive experience if you have taken the time to do the previous exercises. If you feel bad or off after the performance, then you probably screwed up the central transformation. I have only found one solution to this predicament - do the ritual over again until you get it right!

**Re: What Does Reguli Do to You?**
by <Entheos> on Friday August 25, @11:54AM

Reguli is my favorite of all the principal rituals. Then again, I like Ozzy. Performing the ritual leaves me extremely charged, but more importantly, with a feeling of control over realms both spiritual and material. The jumping up and down, yelling, and spinning is beneficial for creating a light trance-like state that greatly improves my concentration, and thus my sense of focus and dominion.

Interesting that Xnoubis familiarized himself with the ritual while living in New Orleans…I live here, and while I've always liked Reguli, the benefits of it seemed to intensify when I settled here. Interesting because the ritual essentially puts the realm of matter over that of spirit, and this is a place that has alot of dross floating about in the unseen world. In fact, I have a theory that the reason magic for protection, and as a weapon, has always been a part of the culture here is because it's necessary…NO JOKE. Reguli is one of several practices that help me watch my own back.

Is it “disruptive?” Of course! What successful magic isn“t? You can't hope to rend the fabric of the universe, mold it or shape it, or otherwise disturb the space-time continuum without without somehow being a thorn in God's side. Kick in the walls at someone's party-you're bound to be noticed…so thinking of it this way, it's reasonable to assume that if you're magick is doing anything at all, SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE has noticed you.

In which case, Reguli is a damn handy tool for the job. -Entheos

**Re: What Does Reguli Do to You?**
by Metu Tchetta on Tuesday October 24, @12:10PM

I did the Ritual of the Mark of the Beast (as found in the Book of the Princes) daily for a long period some while ago. Early work sometimes resulted in nausea and disorientation, but as I persisted, I found that it just provided me with great energy and clarity.

The modular “Elevenfold Seal” component which forms the opening and closing “gestures” of the ritual is especially satisfying, and I have always found it effective in collecting and focusing my attention.

The entire ritual reflects the LAShTAL formula, where the Elevenfold Seals are the letter L; A (aleph as swastika) signals the spirals in and out; and ShT (stigma) is the Mark at the center.

One tactical difficulty in the ritual is what to do with the wand while making the N.O.X. signs and certain other actions during the ceremony. With minimal creativity, I found myself equally effective working barehanded, or using various wands up to and including my priestly Lance.

“My Father's face” flames with the glory of Adonai-Satan, emblemized in the averse pentagrams that describe the descent of spirit into matter, according to the formulae of IAO SABAO. (“He is the Lord of the Sabbath of the Adepts, and is Satan, therefore also the Sun, whose number of Magick is 666, the seal of His servant the BEAST.” –Liber Samekh)

[Disclaimer: Liber V vel Reguli is a class D document delineating an official A∴A∴ ritual, and Metu Tchetta is a failed Probationer of A∴A∴]

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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