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  Means of Support

The Beast Bay website Posted by <Xnoubis> on Sunday August 20, @09:09PM
from the soothe-the-savage-beast dept.

I'd just like to see a quick show of hands. We may need to get financial support to expand our services for The Beast Bay. Do you think it would be preferable to do this through the addition of advertising, or through a paid membership that would provide access to extra goodies?

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**Re: Means of Support**
by Mordecai Shapiro on Monday August 21, @01:04AM

I support advertising as a revenue source for three reasons. First, it's likely to be a relatively simple and regular source of income, while subscriptions raise all the issues of bill collection. Second, it's more democratic since everyone who visits the site is exposed to the advertising, while even a highly successful subscription program is unlikely to enlist more than a small percentage of the readers as subscribers. Third, the kinds of ads we are likely to see on a site like the Beast Bay will probably be of much more interest to me and many other readers than are the ads we see on most sites.

**Re: Means of Support**
by Joe Eckert on Monday August 21, @03:36AM

I agree with Mordecai. With subscription rates, some people are bound to get left out, and the addition of advertisements might be interesting. The good thing about the advertising scheme is that indidividuals that want to advertise can, for example small buisnesses just getting on their own two feet, and that would be a good thing plus the added bonus of being exposed to sevices and products we may have not been aware of before until reading about it while strolling through the Beast Bay.

**Re: Means of Support**
by <Madhousvara> on Monday August 21, @09:31AM

It does not make sense to charge to use a site unless you're the NY Times. However Slashdot gets plenty of money just from advertising; based on your type of community, it is my professional advice to explore advertising. It is very common and very practical; there could hardly be free internet without advertising.

BTW, I love your site, you do excellent work.

**Re: Means of Support**
by <Simon> on Tuesday August 22, @08:39AM

I agree that advertising is the way to go. Depending on how you do it, rates, and so forth, I would consider paying for advertising for my site, Ibis Books. I suspect that other Thelemites have small online ventures that could benefit from advertising. My experience shows that mainstream banner exchanges and the like are not very effective for occult/magical sites.

Also, do you have a banner available for Beastbay? I would like to put it into my banner rotation. I don't know what your hit rate is, but if you are going to display advertising for Thelemic concerns, having your banner on Thelemic sites would certainly bring more traffic. Perhaps you could offer a discounted advertising rate for sites that agree to display your banner…

**Re: Means of Support**
by The Eerie Voice in The Vacant Field on Friday August 25, @02:23PM

“ If you charge them, they won't come.”

**Re: Means of Support**
by <Xnoubis> on Friday August 25, @04:22PM

I never meant to imply, by the way, that there'd be anything currently on The Beast Bay that would stop being accessible to non-subscribers if we started a subscription service.

Re: Means of Support\\
by Mordecai Shapiro on Sunday August 27, @08:44PM\\
What sort of new wrinkles were you contemplating for a subscription service?\\

Re: Means of Support\\
by <Xnoubis> on Sunday August 27, @10:27PM
An online Personal Information Manager (PIM), with web-based email, calendaring, and groupware features, suitable for synchronizing with a Palm Pilot, at first through Linux only, but eventually cross-platform. I call it “Personal Beast.” The trick is, it's going to require substantial disk space, which is why the fund-raising question comes up in the first place. So I thought, some amount could be charged for that service, or possibly advertising could go there. I'm more inclined to include advertising in the PIM service than in the current Beast Bay.\\

  • |Re: Means of Support\\
    by Fr.Raum Ch=215 on Monday August 28, @12:35AM

    OK, I “The Eerie Voice…” think the PIM is a good idea, and I wouldn't mind having BeastBay synch up with my Palm Pilot. (Why LINUX only?)\\
    How about “Pocket Beast” as a name? C'mon, every Thelemite, man and woman, should have a Pocket Beast! (hehe)\\
    Love is the law, love under will.\\

  • |Re: Means of Support\\
    by Mordecai Shapiro on Monday August 28, @01:21AM

    This could work over time, but it seems like it would be easier to sell advertizing now on the basis of the “hits” that the website currently receives rather than on the basis of a list of subscribers that won't be large to begin with. I say put a limited amount of advertizing on the public-access Beast Bay and then try to support the “Personal Beast” with somewhat more extensive ads and/or a subscription fee. And of course the Beast Bay itself should advertize effectively for the “Pocket Beast” service (if it turns out to be named that, though I would call it “Great Wired Beast” myself).\\

  • |Re: Means of Support\\
    by <Xnoubis> on Monday August 28, @08:02PM

    > Why LINUX only?\\
    At first! The reason is that the module that I'd be using to accomplish this only has Linux support so far. That'll change, I think.\\
    > Pocket Beast\\
    > Great Wired Beast\\
    Ooh! Okay, the name's still up for grabs…\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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