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  The First Rites

Magick Posted by Craig Moore on Sunday August 20, @09:11PM
from the planetary-memory-lane dept.

Many moons ago back in the early eighties, my wife Meryl and I performed in the first American batch of the Rites of Eleusis, which were put where put on by Shandra. Meryl and I were at all the entire first batch of rituals. I myself played Sol and Meryl, Scorpio Apophis; Grady played Bez, and I must say that having Grady dance on my coffin was a singular experience. I remember at one point in the Sol ritual that heat in the room grew intense and it was as if a beam of molten gold light entered the room through the window. I was standing there in my white robe and everything was quiet and still and all I could do was bask in the golden light, and feel the power and glory and be grateful, as it was a kind of peace and repose in the center of the maelstrom.

We played other parts in the various Rites, and we were in all the Rites through Luna. I remember being Ganymede in the Rite of Jupiter. I remember being a Centuar and playing Mercury in the Rite of Mercury. (Or was it Virgo?) I remember a lot of odd occurances, like lightning happening outside the window the night before the Rite of Jupiter. A hawk circled the house all day during the Mercury Rite. A sword slid off the altar in the Rite of Mars. There were poltergiest knocks at one point in the Rite of Luna. A lot of other strange happenings seemed to be swirling in and around the whole event.

Meryl and I had been a priest and priestess team at the Grand Lodge for two years before, so even though we had no idea what we were in for, the energy was potent, and we just channeled it as it kept building and building. At one point – I believe it was after the Rite of Sol – in the middle of the night we performed the Gnostic Mass. Boy, that was bizarre. I can't for the life of me imagine why we did that extra added performance, except that I think it was Shandra's idea. After going through a whole day's ritual, it was like we were going into overdrive at some Olympic marathon. It got a bit weird, I must say.

To this day I still feel the magick energy from the Rites reverberating. It's like we are still performing them on some level. We always think about those days and compare events in our daily lives to the experiences we had while doing them. We still have powerful psychic experiences. Meryl had a recent experience where she felt that she was communicating with Shandra's spirit. I remember that I had a dream about Shandra where she appeared in a white robe. I found out a few days later that she had died at the same moment I woke from the dream. Last night, Meryl and I were talking about Crowley and whether he communicates with us, and a little while later Meryl saw an object of light, the colors purple and green, pink and blue, with a small rotating star in the middle of it. She was watching it float across the room as I walked in, and was looking at something I could not see and telling me about it. At other times we have both experienced balls of light. One time we both had the same dream at the same time: we both heard a voice saying, “It was carved out of the desert sand, do you understand?” And we both woke up saying “Yes!” This happened not too long after the Rites or maybe right around that time.

At any rate/rite, we left the Grand Lodge not too long after the Rites and have been on our own ever since. I am not going to go into the reasons for our departure from the Outer Order, only to say that there is the long story and the short story, and the long and the short of it is: things got a bit confused and weird, and personalities and politics are always in the mix. We are Thelemites, and having had almost twenty years retrospective, it's like we never left. I cannot explain that here, now, if there is any sense of historical continuity in O.T.O. then Meryl and I have our place in that history. Nothing can change that! 'World without end' and in the eternal return of things perhaps it's a very minor footnote indeed, but nevertheless, in the short history of O.T.O. since Crowley passed, I feel that those first Rites since Aleister himself performed them started a very important tradition in modern Thelema. I am proud to say we played our parts.

Please if you have any questions, ask away!

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**Re: The First Rites**
by Mordecai Shapiro on Monday August 21, @12:50AM

There have been a few times over the years that I've heard or read people commenting on Grady McMurtry who apparently never experienced him as anything but a drunk or a grouchy asshole. And certainly I experienced him as such on occasion, but I also experienced him as a fount of Thelemic history, practical wisdom, and what I call “juice”. I came to Grady with doubts about the whole spiritual quest, and he had the juice to jolt my chakras. If all he was for somebody was a befuddled old hippie, well, sorry, but they are the ones who've really missed out, because Grady was the Holy Spirit incarnate for those who could experience it.

Re: The First Rites\\
by Michael Sanborn on Monday August 21, @08:02AM
Mordecai, where on earth did this come from?\\
I'm not sure that I know Craig Moore, but I guess you must, because I don't see any aspersions cast against Grady in this piece at all. The writer seems to be keeping things on a positive note, even passing over whatever his reasons were for going off in another direction.\\
I've just reread Moore's piece three times looking for what you're responding to. What am I missing?\\

Re: The First Rites\\
by Mordecai Shapiro on Monday August 21, @12:26PM
Oh! I'm sorry if it looked like I was attacking Craig or his piece. It just tranported me back to that place and time. Remembering Grady as he was then led me to think about the man and his all too human faults which have been seized upon by many of his detractors, both then and now, and I just had to try to express how strongly he spiritually affected many people. Perhaps I should have done something more like http://egnu.org/people/aleph/ :-)\\

Re: The First Rites\\
by Michael Sanborn on Monday August 21, @03:15PM\\
Neverrr minnnd….\\

Re: The First Rites\\
by <Craig> on Wednesday August 23, @01:42AM
…never mind!!!\\
never mind the ocean of silence\\
the wind of stars blowing in the dark night\\
never mind the new Aeon in her blue eyes\\
of fire behind the veil of the unknown\\
never mind how i placed you on the steller\\
alter of time and space, your lovely face\\
looking back at me with so much love and law\\
never mind the old Crowley books found in\\
used book stores, the ones with the far out\\
covers with so much mystery and so trippy\\
Moon child you are my sweet flower of evil\\
beyond good and evil, beyond the twilight\\
of the idols, never never never mind!, little one\\
follow me to invisible an temple of burning staffs\\
of black and gold surrounded by solar sixes of\\
Magick tears without all that phony fear and\\
loathing we were brainwashed with as judeaochristain\\
children, never mind that copy of THE BOOK OF THOTH, that you found one bright day in September\\
so many years ago, the book that changed your life\\
forever, never mind that you went though a million\\
changes in your mind, never mind the face of Crowley, thow art 'THAT' that you can never forget, as it\\
lookes out at you from The Confessions, as it looks\\
at you and those eyes tell you so much about the\\
things that you were told not to know, never mind\\
that you see THE BOOK OF THE LAW through those\\
ancient menicing orbs of light and liberty…\\
never mind: Had the manifestation of Nuit… never\\
forget to remember who you are, and what it is\\
your will to intiate, never mind the strange dreams and the fires of hell, that some day you will live to tell what you have seen, and where you have been in the astral realms of forbidden\\
knowledge, never mind all the obsticles placed in your way to attainment of the holy black flame\\
of words written in your glass skull of skulls,crossing the abyss of never mind!\\
never mind the days of madness and totality, vision and emptyness, ever mind the black birds\\
of the future flying out of your chest like\\
a great gapping hole into the cosmos of chaos, never never forget the decent into the underworld\\
that you made besides your self, into the great\\
never never land of the neither world, never mind\\
the necro-Gigerian serpent alters flaoting in\\
place on the many tongued horizen surrounded by\\
shew-torches of terror and ecstacy, whose bottemless pit of because is the source of the cobalt-blue pillars that stand all around on either side with ever-changing RUNE-GLYPHS slither\\
all on up and down the Lilithian lovely face of\\
midnights never mind, never mind the shadow of\\
fire within the shadow of the past with in the future\\
coming from a long way off, the above that is like\\
that which that which is below, the hierglyphic\\
presence within a presence that passes by your\\
prone form, like an upsidedown black triangle of\\
writhing dark pointy letters of NON\\
that appears like a tiger ghost warrior to measure\\
the life and death within your universal pulse,\\
those phantom mirror eyes that hold other dimenions, other revolutions of evolutions of\\
language, speaking the sign of truth and justice\\
never mind the psychic scars of past lives\\
the taboo tatoos of death and symbolic ressurection\\
that were burned into your psyche long ago, but\\
never mind that you are channeling the transmission from some Druidic circle of stones\\
some king making ceremony, some serpent cross\\
of wood and sex, never mind supersensonic sound\\
currents of golden ratios, the Tuatha de Danaan of\\
intire universes of beings in a purple and green\\
ball of light, never mind the rotating star of Babalon, the first and the last time you performed the Rites of Eleusis, Gnosis, Isis, Metamorphosis\\
never never mind the golden silver time unwinding\\
the eternal returning image of Aliester star…\\
his buddha like laughting face in a dream telling\\
you that 'all prophecy means NOTHING…and the\\
great liberation that stands for, the forever gone\\
sun in the morning of the magikians, gone in the wave of caves, of stone venus, gone in the moment of paradise lost\\
and found again the black fruit of idols of the\\
good and evil object at the end of time…never\\
mind that the lit Aeons still dreaming in the\\
blood red dawn, the revolution of the poem snake\\
at the feet of opening the starry portals of stars\\
through the furry hole in the sky, the shining ones appear in the vortex of liquid mirrors whose\\
circumference is no where to be found, in the flashing doors of doom and perception, never mind\\
the never never mind in the wild womb of the tomb\\
dog star were we came from, the transformation of\\
the mystic landscape through a flap in the tent\\
of our minds never mind the green meadows of\\
early childhood memorys of mystic dew, and dragon myst, never mind the wyrd of the ancient Now AEON\\
anta, ananata kia, Eureanya, ua ara lilia Tasos…\\
jaznanta jinngyp 217\\

  • |Re: The First Rites\\
    by <Xnoubis> on Saturday August 26, @10:46AM

    I'm not entirely sure what triggered this, but cool poetry, anyway… :-)\\

**Re: The First Rites**
by <Craig> on Monday August 21, @08:14PM

…look, i tried to write a discription, of those days, and describe what Meryl and i experianced,
i wrote very quickly and automaticaly as i am want to write, the thing is, i don't suppose anyone could care less about what happened twenty years ago to Meryl and Craig, maybe people just want to forget the early Grady days of O.T.O….
…Meryl and i however cannot forget, because it effected our whole lives, we could have been very advanced Thelemites within the OTO i believe, Jim
Greb wanted to give us special papers, making us the High Priest and Priestess of OTO, in fact he did but that was shot down…so many other weird things happened just as our star was rising, it was like we were getting too charged from channeling the energy we did, and things got fucking strange…so we just decided if we were not going to be supported by our brothern and sisters, then we would be better off on our own…
…thing is how many people get involved, and then
weird shit happens within the power structure, and
now the caliphate O.T.O. is moving along fine
and dandy, it's new caliph and a whole new generation of Thelemites, but what about the people, is it just about the generals?…is the OTO becoming another temple of Set?…another big orginazation where all that matters is the big mucky mucks!…it seems to me that Thelema is about the people that do Thelema, not just people that make careers out of it!…look i am not not tring to point fingers just an old Thelemite who
put thier lifes blood into Thelema…and looking for some feed back, or to give some feed back, without that how de we know where we are going ???
…anyway Meryl and I are doing our Hermetic thing,
and we still channel the energy, it just comes through us, we are who we are, the 93 current will
always be with us…so onward and forward people,
keep up the GREAT WORK!…93 93/93

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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