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  Secular Israel

Social Justice Posted by <Xnoubis> on Tuesday August 22, @04:22PM
from the gnu-jerusalem dept.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has announced a plan to promote the secularization of Israel. While it's difficult to imagine how such a radical proposal could possibly be brought to fruition, it could contribute enormously to hopes of an enduring peace for the region. Let's hope that there's a surge of international support for this inexplicable triumph of common sense.

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**Re: Secular Israel**
by Mordecai Shapiro on Wednesday August 23, @03:41PM

While this plan would certainly be a positive, especially for those of Jewish ancestry who no longer practice Judaism, it has absolutely no chance of passing in the current Knesset (Israeli Parliament). Some analysts believe that it is part of Barak's positioning for the next election where he would hope to garner the votes not only of his own left-of-center coalition but also of secularists among the moderate and even conservative parties. I sure hope it works because if it doesn't Israel will be saddled with a right wing religiously “Orthodox” government that will probably start a new cycle of war and oppression that Israel, its neighbors, and the world can ill afford.

**Re: Secular Israel**
by <Zarathustra> on Wednesday August 30, @09:44PM

An interesting note:

During the “Camp David” negotiations a month ago, the Pope was making an intriguing bid for compromise: Turn Jerusalem into an international holy city, administered by an international organization.

Everybody pooh-poohed the idea, especially Madeleine Albright, who visited the Pope to tell him so. But I thought it was a great idea, and one fo those rare moments that I agree with the Pope!

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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