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  Cowboy Cheops?

Weirdness Posted by Mordecai Shapiro on Friday August 25, @03:10PM
from the moo-age-religion dept.

An article in the July 29, 2000 issue of New Scientist details a new theory about the origin of the Pharaonic civilization of ancient Egypt.

Since 1990, excavations at the site of Nabta Playa on the southern border of Egypt some 100 miles west of the monumental ruins of Abu Simbel have revealed a culture of Neolithic cowherding pastoralists that some scholars now believe was the precursor to the dynasties of the Old Kingdom. The ruins of Nabta include a megalithic structure that may be the world’s oldest known solar observatory and a four ton primitively carved stone that may be the first Egyptian sculpture; significantly, it appears to represent a cow, perhaps the archetype of what later became the Apis bull sacred to Osiris or the bovine goddess Hathor.

The scenario favored by these archaeologists is this: the grasslands of what is now the Sahara supported a rich herding culture until some five or six thousand years ago when the creeping desertification led to a migration that, blending with the indigenous people of the Nile Valley, produced the divine kingship which we identify with ancient Egypt.

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