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  The Stafford Beer Web Site

Community Posted by <Xnoubis> on Friday September 01, @04:48PM
from the hero-sum-game dept.

Cybernetics: The science of communication and control in the animal and the machine.

Management Cybernetics: The science of effective organization.

Stafford Beer: Often described as the founder of Management Cybernetics. Among his many achievements are the development of the Viable System Model (a recursive map of the necessary interactions required for any system, living or organizational, to survive in a changing environment) and the creation of Team Syntegrity (a non-hierarchical process of group communication and decision-making).

Another mark of distinction was his work at the invitation of President Salvador Allende of Chile to redesign the organization and regulation of the economy of that country along cybernetic lines. This resulted in remarkable achievements up until the democratically elected Allende administration was overthrown at the promptings of the United States government.

If you're like me, you often ask yourself in frustration, “Why is there no central location on the Web for information about Stafford Beer?” Well, wait no longer! The Official Stafford Beer Web Site has recently come into existence, maintained by Liverpool John Moores University. It's very new, and a little rough around the edges, but it has several of Beer's fascinating papers, artwork, his curriculum vitae, and more. Since his books are very expensive (when they're available at all), this is the best resource around for becoming more familiar with this amazing thinker. (But if you're hungry for more detail, there's also this etext portrait by Michael Stutz.)

It would be entertaining if it were not tragic that when policies do not work, the oligarchy does not suppose that they are wrong policies, but decides that they have not been pursued with sufficient vigour. – Stafford Beer

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