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  How 'Bout Them Serbs?

Social Justice Posted by <Xnoubis> on Friday October 06, @10:58AM
from the they-also-Serb-who-only-stand-and-wait dept.

It's beginning to look like a successful transfer of power within Yugoslavia, where Slobodan Milosovic's reported attempt to rig the recent elections was rejected by the Serbian people in massive demonstrations. CNN provides an excellent overview.

This, to me, is the essence of what democracy is all about: the will of the people overcoming the abuse of power by the few. What is needed now is a comprehensive aid plan for the entire Balkan region. A sound recovery for Yugoslavia could send a ringing message to the dictatorships of the world.

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**Re: How 'Bout Them Serbs?**
by <Nexist> on Monday October 09, @08:53AM

While I am pleased that the remnants of the Serbian population – those left after a murderous decade of genocidal attrition by the Albanian militants and the murderous bombing by NATO – have managed to extricate themselves from the mess that we put them in, all without having to kiss up to us (well at least not too much), I find the appellation of “democracy” a bit strong.

Hopefully Kostunica will maintain his resolve to not toady up to the US/NATO forces which are responsible for their plight.

This whole issue was manufactured by the west, from the exaggerated claims of ethnic cleansing (or more accurately the misidentification of the offending party), to the unlawful bombing action, through the political mechanitions of the Hague Tribunal, to the embargo.

If the US politicians weren't whores available to anyone with enough money, we never would have become involved in the cause of murderous, genocidal, xenophobic scumbags (a.k.a. the KLA). If we hadn't become involved, then we wouldn't have forced Milosevic into the position of becoming a dictator or facing death (or the even more cruel punishment of lifelong imprisonment).

Anyway, while I like Kostunica, bear in mind that I find the drunken rioting of disaffected vandals (which has resulted in innocent deaths) to be a far cry from “democracy”, unless you mean mindless mob rule.

Not that Serbia was all that removed from Democracy. Until we started mucking about, it was the model of egalitarian, socialist democracy (or so it appears). This is why the military didn't step in to stop the uprisings (though I haven't caught up on the news from this weekend yet).

Anyway, hopefully, we will give them back their country now, and the 27 ethnic groups which comprise Serbia can again act to remove the part of one ethnic group which persists in its goal of an ethnicly pure “Greater Albania”.

Re: How 'Bout Them Serbs?\\
by <Xnoubis> on Monday October 09, @09:24AM
I did not mean to imply that the U.S.'s actions toward Yugoslavia are in any way commendable. I have the impression, though, that the Milosevic regime consolidated its power through the clever promotion of racist nationalism before the West got involved.\\
The point about democracy that I wanted to make is that elections are a more orderly alternative to violet revolution for the purpose of society's overcoming the centralization of power. This becomes vague in the U.S., where there is a degree of comfort, and the elections and the media are almost entirely bought out by special interests. But in Yugoslavia, the principle is brought into sharp relief, since this election verged nearly into revolution when Milosovic attempted to subvert it.\\
As you say, this doesn't much affect the problem of nationalistic hatreds, whether Albanian, Serbian, or Croatian, to name but a few.\\

  • |Re: How 'Bout Them Serbs?\\
    by Mordecai Shapiro on Monday October 09, @11:24AM\\|

    >violet revolution\\
    Cool typo!\\

  • |Re: How 'Bout Them Serbs?\\
    by <Nexist> on Monday October 09, @11:51AM

    The Milosevic “regime” (omnous sounding isn't it) was forced to collaborate with the nationalist party in order to maintain its government. This need was brought about by the loss of Croatia, Bosnia-H (I can never spell the last part) and Slovenia, of which the Bosnian & Croatian were most disasterous.\\
    However, Milosevic's definition of a Serbian (as given when he took power) was anyone living within Serbia.\\
    Anyway, my best wishes go to Kostunica, & I hope that he is as skillful of a tightrope walker as he will need to be. Failure will plunge Serbia into another vassal state, similar to the others which serve the West.\\

**Re: How 'Bout Them Serbs?**
by <akhnaton> on Monday February 12, @06:56PM

Beside economic issues, the main reason why Slovenia and Croatia left Yugoslavia was that Milosevic's goverment decided to abolish Kosovo and Voivodina's autonomy. Although parts of Serbia, these two provinces had a high degree of self-rule and, more important, had their own representants in the Yugoslav presidents' council. This council consisted of one representant for each republic and one for each of the autonomous provinces, making them eight in all. When Kosovo and Voivodina lost their autonomy, they still kept their representants, thus giving Serbia and Milosevic three of eight votes, four if one include the republic of Montenegro, which until recently has been practically a Serb vassal.

Milosevic's plan was allegedly to gain control of Macedonia and/or Bosnia-Hercegovina, thus gaining an absolute majority which could be used in controlling Yugoslavia and possibly direct it towards a “greater Serbia”, at least making the Slovenian/Croatian attempts towards market economy and democracy (at least in Slovenia) very difficult.

According to the Yugoslav constitution the Presidential office rotated between the member republics. When the time arrived for a Croat to take over, Serbia with Montenegro and its two formerly autonomous “double votes” refused to recognize him, thus actually being the first Yugoslav republic to break with the central government (!)

A few days later Slovenia and Croatia decided to jump ship, and the rest is-well-history.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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