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  Satan's Door to America?

Weirdness Posted by <Xnoubis> on Friday October 20, @09:32AM
from the assume-the-perdition dept.

An inspired screed against the perils of Freemasonry: “Remember that Allah is not just another name for God. Allah is the name of another god.

On the subject of Christian warnings that only make the subject more appealing if you're not Christian, did you know that The Two Babylons is available online? It doesn't have the illustrations, unfortunately, but is still worth checking out if you don't have a copy of the book. It is the work of Alexander Hislop, a 19th century anti-Catholic minister, who did an enormous amount of research to illustrate that Catholicism is a continuation of the beliefs and practices of ancient Babylon, and that as Babylon was the Synagogue of Satan in Old Testament times, so is the Vatican in New Testament times. Of course, if you're into pagan worship, it has exactly the opposite of its intended effect: it brings out the richness and beauty of Catholicism like nothing else can.

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**Re: Satan's Door to America?**
by Geoffrey Baldwin on Sunday October 22, @08:53PM

And our friend Mr. Taylor is the antichrist,at least according to some foaming at the mouth aussies… I think that is why some of us are dedicated to assembling all this material together in one place and let it play itself off against each other. Surely to be a pisser to some, but, then, we're not here to please everybody. Thanx for the Hislop link, part of Nesta Webster's classic text, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements is also online at
We got some interesting clues out of Hislop, and we used to use his book during the various holiday feasts, to give us background materials on getting the celebrations down. That's where we learned about Christmas Goose, too, and buy what a goose that was, complete with harissa sauce, apples, tangerines, and a hefty dose of couscous, not to mention the grass of the arabs.

  • |Re: Satan's Door to America?\\
    by Rev. Michael S. Margolin on Monday October 23, @05:36PM

    I have to question anyone that claims to be a Satanist, let alone The Anti Christos.\\
    First of all being a Satanist SUCKS!!!!!!\\
    The only real Satanists are those few people like gays that find its who and what they are and can no longer live in the closet. From my own experience, I had a boss pull a gun out in a work review pop the clip showed me the clip was loaded put it back in the gun, plays with the safety and sets it on his desk then reads my review.\\
    By the way It was a good review. I'm still puzzled.\\
    The Company gave him a written warning.\\
    they didn't fire him.\\
    The Black Southern Baptist Lady at the Dept. of the Equal Houseing and Employment in San Jose Calif. on North first street. Said\\
    “I'm a Baptist” and I said “thats nice will you help me” She replied “I'm a Baptist” I again said “thats nice will you help me”. It went on like that till she saw I wasn't gonna go away.\\
    So she picked up a big book from the shelf fliped some pages and told me only Catholics have rights in this country.\\
    But she had to forward my claim to the Feds E.E.O.C.\\
    Guess What 2 years later my Ex Boss and the head of personel are fired\\
    Guess what?\\
    No one notifies me and no big monies like all the rest of the Abused, Harassed minorities in this country get when their civil liberties are VIOLATED!\\
    Rev. Mikey\\

**Re: Satan's Door to America?**
by Rev. Michael S. Margolin on Monday October 23, @05:10PM

Thank you for your help.
Please keep it up.
Again Thank You.
Rev. Mikey
High Priest and Founder of
the Sinagogue of Satan
P.S. If your scratching your head and wondering why I'm thanking you. I'm thanking you for educating the general public. Its Posts and information like this that makes my job that much more easier. Again THANK YOU

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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