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Weirdness Posted by <Xnoubis> on Wednesday October 25, @11:14AM
from the church-and-destroy dept.

Conservative Christian spokeswoman Linda P. Harvey has written a great essay warning about the dangers of Witchcraft for young people. Blair Witch Project, Charmed, The Crucible (!), the Lilith Fair, Harry Potter, and the Weezie Bat novel series are all part of the conspiracy. Includes the whopper: “Even back in our school days in studying colonial American history, we were drilled in the pagan-friendly line about Salem . . .”

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**Re: Teen Witchcraft**
by Jeffrey Sommer on Saturday November 04, @02:38PM

Frankly, I wondered when the reaction to “Charmed” and “Sabrina” would set in. The fact that the author of these articles is so dense that she doesn't realize that “The Crucible” was really about the McCarthy era does not take away from the fact that, from her point of view, she is right. Witchcraft is being popularized to a teen audience, and is frequently siphoned off into politically and socially radical channels that conservatives–who don't have to be Christians–will find objectionable.
Now, does that make it bad? I think it's hilarious that Baptist and Pentecostals are suddenly finding their children dabbling in the occult, but it may provoke a revival of the Satanic Panic of the late 1980s. Beware! They still outnumber us by more than a thousand to one.
Keep in mind, too, that things like Gay rights, abortion, radical feminism, and the Harry Potter books are being mixed in the minds of confused Normals into some vast hydra that make lead to suffering for lots of otherwise bright kids.
Incidentally, you know the old accuation that D&D leads to occultism? Well, it did with me…I wanted to be a Magic User for real…and I did!

  • |Re: Teen Witchcraft\\
    by <Xnoubis> on Sunday November 05, @09:05AM

    > Incidentally, you know the old accuation that\\
    > D&D leads to occultism? Well, it did with me…I\\
    > wanted to be a Magic User for real…and I did!\\
    Same for me. The thing that I get the biggest kick out of is that the organization Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons (BADD) is the one branch of the anti-occult movement that is shunned for their extremism by the movement as a whole. Yet they're the only ones who have some real basis for their argument! Hehehe… the Dark Conspiracy marches on.\\

**Re: Teen Witchcraft**
by <solidsurfer> on Tuesday November 07, @05:01AM

I started 'doing my thing' as a teenager, and do not regret having done it/still doing it.
But… but I was a rather unhappy frustrated young man, who could have gotten hurt in the process!! Yeah right, like any other process wouldn't have been able to hurt me.
I could have ended up with psychosis! Pff… If the aptitude for it is there, it can be triggered by almost anything. But especially by stressfull events having to do with family life and functioning in some part of society.

Ah Miss Harvey is just too much for a poor liberal soul like me I'm afraid. But what really pisses me off is her offensive criticism of Sarah McLachlan! *Grr*. Vile J. Swaggart-like filth is what sells Linda P. and her views. Downright disgusting!

Greetinx, solidsurfer (never missed an episode of Buffy the VampireSlut)

  • |Re: Teen Witchcraft\\
    by <magick1> on Tuesday April 24, @11:19AM

    i think that witchcraft for teens I mean there is no good or evil good and evil is every were and it's everything but there is no such thin as black magick if you do somthing bad or rong it comes back three tims three I am a teen witch andf know many others like me and we all know that you cant do good without evil or vice vefrcia if we do evil we pay the price so tack this advice dont tell teens what thay do they can do the craft. spells are prares and we say them in are minds. blesed be to all who read thee.\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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