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  Tried for Witchcraft . . . in America

Social Justice Posted by An El Haqq on Monday October 30, @09:23AM
from the hang-em-high dept.

Apparently a high school student in Oklahoma has been suspended for casting a spell. Read the full story.

There's Religious Freedom in America, eh?

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**Re: Tried for Witchcraft . . . in America**
by Dionysos Thriambos on Thursday November 02, @03:56PM


The really odd thing in this case, is the legal assumption of the efficacy of magick. As my friend Miss Poppy Dixon remarked, it's reminiscent of charging Roman Catholics with cannibalism on the grounds that transubstantiation is geniune.

Supposing that the accused actually did level a curse at someone, what's the difference between that and the evangelical Christian who threateningly declares their intention to pray “for” an apostate like me?

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Offerimus Tibi Donum Corpus Dei

  • |Re: Tried for Witchcraft . . . in America\\
    by Rev. Michael S. Margolin on Sunday November 12, @11:35PM

    Like I could stay away from this.\\
    Your post is direct and to the point. Great Job!\\
    Don't you wish the parties involved had your vision? Folks I won't get into the power of propaganda, but I will say a tad on being able to see through it and it's aims.\\
    Needless to say we can all see this is crap, problem is the millions of victems of christian propaganda and their scare tactics.\\
    Live as you do, hold your heads up high, and try to teach the willing.\\
    That trippy south bay Hippi Daphy Baphy 666\\
    Click to download attachment grtdy-3.jpg\\
    30KB (31701 bytes)\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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