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  Frater Adjuvo's Flyin' Circus

Weirdness Posted by <Pavo> on Thursday November 02, @06:20AM
from the get-your-motta-runnin' dept.

Just when you thought that things couldn't get weird enough, how about '70's Brazilian pop songs (co-) written by Marcelo Motta?

These surprising tracks (MP3s provided) were apparently written by Motta and Brazilian pop star Raul Seixas in the mid '70s on an album called “Novo Aeon”. From my studies of other websites, these are not the only songs on this album in which Motta had a hand in writing.

There is no end to websites concerning Seixas on the internet – he appears to have been very popular in Brazil. The only problem for an English speaker such as myself is that every site that I have seen about him is in Portuguese, so gleaning info on him is a bit difficult. It seems, however, that he was certainly into Thelemic Magick of the Adjuvo Kind, and may still be, but my info is hazy.

Anyway, I hope you folks enjoy this one. if anybody can provide more info about Seixas and his relation to Motta (in English, please) I'd be interested.

– Pavo

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