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  The Ritual of the Emerald Throne

Magick Posted by <Xnoubis> on November 05, 2000 @ 11:48 PM
from the throne-for-a-loop dept.

But in the arena there is a little altar of emerald, and its top has the heads of the Four Beasts, in turquoise and rock crystal.

– Aleister Crowley, The Vision and the Voice, 15th Aethyr
At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it . . . A rainbow, resembling an emerald, encircled the throne . . . In the center, around the throne, were four living creatures, and they were covered with eyes, in front and in back.
> – Revelation

This ritual was originally intended to ceremonially recreate certain chambers that became available in the course of working with the 15th Aethyr around 1990 e.v. It also developed into a concise method of opening the Enochian Watchtowers.

In the Golden Dawn tradition of Enochian, the entities called by this rite are first to be summoned by the recital of the first six Enochian calls. If this ritual is performed on a daily basis, an elemental banishing can be sufficient preparation. For more specific workings, e.g. direct interactions with these entities, the appropriate calls do seem necessary.

E. H. N. B.
Graph. Na-Hath. Drun. Pe.

In the Sign of: (Vir) EXARP. Therion. Blessed Beast. (Mulier) HCOMA. Babalon. Scarlet Concubine. (Puella) NANTA. Nuit. Continuous One of Heaven. (Puer) BITOM. Hadit. The Magician and the Exorcist. (Vir) Pater. (Mulier) Mater. (Puella) Nihil. (Puer) Unus. ARARITA

(E.N.E.) (E.) (E.S.E.)
Oro Ibah Aozpi
(S.S.E.) (S.) (S.S.W.)
Oip Teaa Pdoke
(W.S.W.) (W.) (W.N.W.)
Mph Arsl Gaiol
(N.N.W.) (N.) (N.N.E.)
Mor Dial Hktga

Face East in the Sign of Osiris Slain. Raasi i Bataivah
Soboln i Raagiosl
Lucal i Ikzhhkal
Od Babage i Edlprnaa
Micma Unal Ialpor Oiveae
Dst Biah Aspt Ta.

(In the East is Bataivah, in the West is Raagiosl, in the North is Ikzhhkal, and in the South is Edlprnaa. Behold these flaming stars which stand before you.)

(East:) Hipotga Habioro Aaoxaif Autotar Ahaozpi Htmorda   (South:) Arinnap Aaetpio Adoeoet Anodoin Aapdoke Alndood   (West:) Ligdisa Lsrahpm Saiinou Soaiznt Slgaiol Laoazrp   (North:) Lhiansa Laidrom Akzinor Akmbiku Alhktga Lzinopo

Glory unto him that is concealed,
and glory unto her that beareth the cup,
and glory unto the one that is the child and the father of their love.

Glory unto the star,
and glory unto the snake,
and glory unto the swordsman of the sun.

And worship and blessing throughout the Aeon
unto the name of the Beast,
four-square, mystic,

. . . by the Signs of L.V.X.

  1. Bookmark this page on these social networksThanks to Frater Spartacus for his permission to use his 12 Banners in this slightly modified form. At least in the beginning, it may be helpful to vibrate and trace the three-lettered banners three times, the four-lettered banners four times, and the five-lettered banners five times. I have found it useful to visualize each banner as one ray in a twelve-rayed crown radiating from the center of the galaxy.
  2. Bookmark this page on these social networksA possible visualization for the Kings: Bataivah – a yellow humanoid, Raagiosl – a blue bird of prey, Ikzhhkal – a black bull or ox, Edlprnaa – a red lion. Each King also possesses six wings and eyes all around his head.
  3. Bookmark this page on these social networksNotice that the downward pointing triangle is traced deosil, the upward triangle widdershins.
  4. Bookmark this page on these social networksTaken from The Vision and the Voice, 9th Aethyr. Alternatively, try reading Liber Israfel at this point.

(Originally published in the Thelema Lodge Calendar.)

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The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

**Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne**
by David R. Jones on Monday November 06, @12:22AM

Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the Law.

Glad to see this old Gem get a wider audience. I would still elaborate the Hexagrams into a full lesser form extension, but beyond that it is almost perfect.

PS we are getting some play over at the Hermetic Library:


Love is the
law, love under will.

David R. Jones aka ^333^

Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne\\
by h MacKiernan on Monday November 06, @03:30PM
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law\\
I get access denied messages at:\\
and a few reasonable permutations thereof\\
Love is the law, love under will\\
h MacKiernan\\

  • |Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne\\
    by Al Billings on Thursday November 09, @12:04PM

    The site was down for a day. First time in over a year and you guys hit it then! ;-)\\
    It is up now.\\
    Al Billings\\
    Webmaster of the Hermetic Library\\

**Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne**
by <Craig> on Tuesday November 07, @03:29AM

…'a rainbow resembeling an emerald'
now that is an interesting image to contemplate;
as you imagine a emerald it takes on the whole rainbow…or green jewel becoming all colors,
what is it about emeralds?…and green,
and that brings me to the second part of my ramble…if one was in the Spirit; what is it about
arenas and thrones and beast heads for that matter?…see, even though i have read and reread
the Vision and the Voice many times and i have
made my eyes go back and forth wondering at complicated rituals of evocation in the Enochian
vein, i have never had the time or patients to
do any fancy Golden Dawn complex rituals of the
of the sort described above…besides doing the Gnostic Mass and performing in the Rites of Eleusis, and being an all around spiritual revolutionary that nevertheless has passed me through some strange life experiances that i would
be hard put to describe, therefore or forethere
my own version of Thelemic Surrealisem…
i really get off on the kind of images that Crowley worked with in the Aethyrs purely on
a poetic level and so i also imagine that i have
inadvertantly bumped into some Vision/Voice type realms…but having said that i have also thrown
in a good dose of eastern and western philosophy,
…i mean i always seem to drift back to Nietzsche
for instance…so this brings me to the third part of my rant; what does emerald thrones have to
do with say Karl Popper's“ Weltanschauung mongering” for a juxtaposition of a thought or “ Ontalogical Undecidability” for that matter? …
…see i don't mind being the village idiot of Thelemites on a forum such as this because i have always wondered at the levels of magickal attainment, that some people must believe they have because they can do fancy complicated ritual
and perhaps they do, but you see even though i was
at the grand lodge for around three years, i never
met anyone that attained to this 'emerald throne“
and as much as i admire Crowley and “The Book of the Law”…my view of the intire Occult community
as such, kind of reminds me of when at the age of five my mother took me to Disneyland, i was a gape
at the modern wonders as if it was all made for me…but if you study modern conspiricy theory, then read say, Heidegger and try to compare him to Sartre…or read Pantanjali and compare to J. Krishnamurti, or compare Existentailisem to
Quantum theory, and even though my grasp of any
of these things is to take it all with a grain of
alchemic salt…i still wonder if Enochian is a sort of quantum chess game that a few yuppies excel at!!!
…'perhaps i envision an emerald throne
right here on earth…not in some hidden vult somewhere locked up with copy rights'…

'oh what am i saying that demons might burn my tongue'….

**The Ritual of the Emerald Throne: An Appreciation**
by Zen Wa Foo on Friday November 10, @03:17PM

Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law.

I have always been impressed by Brother Xnoubis's Ritual of the Emerald Throne, ever since it was first brought to my attention in The Year of Their Lord 1993. It is a synthesis of ritual fragments taken from several sources, and yet it has a poetic and artistic unity all its own.

Many working magicians have shown their appreciation of Brother Xnoubis's work by taking one or several fragments, or the Ritual as a whole, and adapting it to their own preferences and needs. This is as it should be, and thus does our Tradition grow and evolve.

We now propose to analyse the Ritual in detail, taking each of the Six Sections in reverse order, from bottom to top.

VI. Closing, by the Signs of LVX: We can assume that what is meant by this is the Golden Dawn Signs of LVX, which make their first appearance in the Adeptus Minor Ritual, and are used in the “Ritual of the Rose Cross,” and the “Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram.” In Liber O, Aleister places them at the opening and closing of the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram as well. We may all rest easier at night, if we assume that He had a good reason for doing this.

V. Paean. This, as Brother Xnoubis notes, is from The Vision and the Voice, Ninth Aethyr (the so-called “Babalon Aethyr”). This beautiful piece of Inspired Poetry is classified as Class “A” Material, and is therefore considered to be of a piece with The Holy Books of Thelema. No further comment is necessary.

IV. The Twenty-four Seniors. These Names come from the four Enochian Watchtower Tablets. In the Golden Dawn elaboration of that system, there are six Planetary Spirits on each of the Four Tablets. They are properly invoked by making the appropriate Planetary Hexagram, which are given in Liber O. As these Spirits each partake of an Elemental and a Planetary nature, there are some Magicians who believe that the Proper Planetary Hexagram must be drawn in the Proper Elemental-Hexagram Configuration, i.e., Diamond, Hourglass, etc. But we personally consider this to be a Superfluity. As it is Written: “The Hexagram of Earth alone is used.”

In earlier Publications of the Ritual of the Emerald Throne, all twenty-four Planetary Hexagrams were pictured. I am sure that an able and well-informed Magician could figure out the Hexagrams for themself, however, in the text as it appears here, the Hexagrams for Mars appear to be the only ones given. It may not be immediately apparent to some students how the six Names around each Hexagram are to be combined with the two Triangles indicated.

I once asked Greatly Honored Brother Xnoubis about the combination of deosil-and-widdershins Triangles in one Hexagram. He stated that the Resultant Magickal Effect was: “Interesting.”

Personally, I have never felt comfortable with deosil-widdershins Hexagrams. I was taught that Invoking was Invoking, and Banishing was Banishing. I understand that there may be a time and place to affirm, Mystically and Magickally that “All Wheels are Really Spinning Both Ways All the Time. It just depends where you're standing.” I'm just not sure if this is the place to do that or not.

I once mentioned with enthusiasm the Ritual of the Emerald Throne to another Magician of this region of the Vale of Berkeley, and he said, “Oh, yeah, Ritual of the Emerald Throne. Don't do the Hexagrams that way, they're wrong.”

I would not go so far as to say that they are wrong. I would simply say that this is purely a stylistic difference, or, indeed, a matter of personal taste, perhaps more aesthetic and artistic than Magickal. For it cannot be denied that Greatly Honored Brother Xnoubis is not merely alive and well, but that He is positively thriving, whereas the other fellow seems to have gone the way of the Black Brothers.

III. The Four Kings. This part of the Ritual is especially to be praised. The Four Great Elemental Kings of the Watchtowers, the Solar Spirits who rule over the Twenty-four Planetary Seniors, are invoked in a manner which is remeniscent and evocative of the Invocation of the Four Archangels in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and They are here invoked in Their own Enochian Language. I believe that this Enochian Invocation is original to Greatly Honored Brother Xnoubis, in other words, tha He took the known word-elements of the Enochian Calls, and cast them into a new and original Conjuration of His own devising. This is a feat which has rarely been attempted, one of the only other known examples being Our Beloved Saint Aleister's re-casting of the Conjurations of the Goetia into Enochian, or “Ye Tongue Angelick,” as He called them.

II. The Twelve Banners. This is another extremely significant piece of Ritual Technology. Grteatly Honored Brother Xnoubis correctly gives the credit for this to “Frater Spartacus,” who has also been known as “The Abbot,” “Choronzon,” and by many other Names. The Twelve Names of the Banners are drawn from the Linea Spiritus Sanctus of each of the four Watchtower Tablets. This is a rather complicated subject and I hope to be able to do justice to it.

In the Hebrew Testament, the Twelve Tribes of Israel were said to be arrayed around the Central Tabernacle in a particular order, three on each side. When the Tabernacle was moved to Jerusalem, that City was designed with Twelve Gates. Members of each Tribe were to enter into the City, each through their own gate.

In the later Christian Symbolism, the idea of the Twelve Tribes and the Twelve Gates was taken to be an allegorical account of the Heavenly City, to which the Righteous would Ascend in Times To Come. There may be a certain amount of accuracy to this, inasmuch as the Holy City of Jerusalem was said to be a Microcosm of the Heavens, with the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac revolving around a Central Sun.

During the Enochian Revelations of the Conjurer John Dee and His Skryer Sir Edward Kelly, a peculiar Vision emerged, in which a procession of Beings entered into a Courtyard, through each of four Gates on the four Sides of the Courtyard. The Order in which the Beings marched was taken to represent the Order in which the various Enochian Spirits were to be invoked. Each of the four “teams” included the “Three Banners” (standard-bearers), five “Princes,” one “King,” six “Seniors,” and various lesser Servitors, Trumpeters, and Attendants.

On a different occasion, the Angels informed Dee and Kelly: “Each Angel hath His Particular Name, Office, and Number ascribed thereunto, as well as His Own Particular Geometrie.” (I apologize for the fact that this is not an exact quote. The Book, “A True and Faithful Relation [ . . . ] of what Passed for Many Yeares [ . . . ] between Doctor John Dee [ . . . ] and Some Spirits [ . . . . ]” is not readily to hand, as it is currently resting underneath the head of a huge-breasted ex-stripper who is sleeping in the Temple, and I would not Wake Her for Such Slight Cause.)

It is believed that this passage is intended to mean that each Enochian Angel has a particular Geometric Symbol with which it is Proper to Invoke the Said Angel. However this may be, the Task of discovering the Symbol for the Angels of the Banners devolved upon the Genius of Frater Spartacus, also known as The Abbot, Choronzon, Und so etcetera.

The Names on the Banners are from the Original Enochian Revelation. The Golden Dawn assigned each set of Banners to one of the Four Elements, and each Banner to one of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. It was the particular contribution of Doctor . . . uh, Frater Spartacus to fulfill the Original Instructions of the Angels by assigning to each Three-lettered Name a Triangle, each Four-lettered Name an Hourglass (to fulfill the Z-formula, e-mail me if you need further explanation), and a Pentagram to each Five-lettered Name.

The starting-point and direction of the Tracing of the Geometric Symbol is determined by the same theory as that which governs the Elemental Pentagrams: You visualize an overlay of the Four Elemental Watchtower Tablets, over the Triangle, Hourglass, or Pentagram, and use the point that falls under the Element in question as the starting-point for the Symbol. (What, you didn't know that that's where the Elemental Pentagrams come from?) There is a little more to it than that, but this much explanation should be sufficient for an Elementary Treatise such as this.

The School of the Enochian Banners has taken firm root in the Vale of the Creek of Berkeley. I have personally encountered not just Children but Grandchildren of this School. There were persons who would not give credence to the idea that it was possible to do an Enochian Invocation without “Thee Geometrie of Thee Banners.”

I actually had the impertinant gall to simply draw a G.D. Spirit Pentagram, put an Eight-spoked Wheel inside, draw an Elemental Pentagram, make a Kerubic Squiggle, and then make the Sign of the Rending of the Veil while Intoning the name of the (Hebrew) Archangel. In Public! Among other Magicians! Afterwards, I just shrugged and said, “That's how we do it in Chicago.”

But I was inescapably drawn, nonetheless, to the Ineluctible Modality of the Geometry of the Banners – its simplicity, its coherence, its mathematical elegance, and its undeniable Applicablilty to the Original Instructions of the Enochian Angels – who, after all, may simply be personifications of the Mathematical Laws of the Universe.

Now, I draw a Spirit Pentagram, Eight-spoked Wheel, Elemental Pentagram, Kerubic Squiggle, The Three-Four-Five sided Banners with their appropriate Directions and Names – and make the Sign of the Rending of the Veil, while Intoning the Name of the (Hebrew) Archangel.

And for this, I am accounted a Wise and Powerful Magician.

I say this not with bitterness but with pride. Like all my jokes, it contains a subtle truth. All Ritual is not just an Invocation, but an Affirmation as well – an Affirmation of an ongoing relationship between some living, breathing Human Being somewhere, and one or more Non-Corporeal Spirits. This is why I attempt to perform Jewish Ritual to the best of my ability; because every Qabalistic Magician who was also an Orthodox Jew – and they all were, up until about 1600 ev – also performed these Rituals. And when I stand in the Circle and Invoke, not only do I Invoke with mine own Body and Blood, Breath and Spirit, but I feel the Body, Breath and Spirit of all mine Ancestors, both Physical and Magickal – The Jewish Mystics, the Ba'al Shem Tov and His Secret School of Nistorim, my Indian and Scottish and Russian Ancestors, and all my Magickal teachers – Doctor John Dee, Count MacGregor Mathers, Sir Saint Aleister Crowley, Dr. Israel Regardie, Major Grady Louis McMurtry (a Son and a Grandson of Bankjobmen Himself!), Ebony Anpu, James Tiberius Graeb, Brother Xnoubis, and Doctor D. R. Choronzon – and All Female Saints – yea, verily and AMOUN! Their Presence and their Power are with me, sharing in the Reality of these inexplicable, these ineffable Non-Corporeal Contacts, and whatever Transformative Power they may bring.

I. The Tablet of Union. The Last Shall Be First.

E. H. N. B.

Graph. Na-Hath. Drun. Pe.

I swear, on mine Honour as a Man and a Brother, it's true. You can look it up yourself. The first letter of the first word of the Tablet of Union is the Enochian letter E.

The Name of the Enochian letter E is Graph. But the Angels love you still.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will.

In the Liberty of Thelema,

Bankie. <{: )}>

Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne: An Appreciation\\
by <Xnoubis> on Friday November 10, @03:48PM
> The Name of the Enochian letter E is Graph.\\
Aha! I remember someone saying once that there were discrepancies among different accounts of the names of the Enochian letters. I could very easily have looked this up in an erroneous reference. I did look it up, but it was so long ago, I don't recall where. I'll go searching around for it tonight, but can anyone else confirm or rebut this in the meantime? I'll change it in the main article if so. (Done. The original version mistakenly named E as “Un.”)\\
Two other points about this interesting commentary:\\
1. I didn't write the Four Kings section. At one time, I had thought it was composed by someone who I had learned it from, but I've seen it in several other places by now, and have to attribute it to “anonymous.”\\
2. The hexagrams here are exactly the same as were originally published in the Thelema Lodge Calendar. And they're not intended to be hexagrams of Mars in any way. Rather, the Seniors are always to be called starting with the one on the left side of the Linea Spiritui Sancti and then moving clockwise from there. By matching them to their planetary attributions in the Golden Dawn system, that makes the sequence: Mars, Jupiter, Luna, Venus, Saturn, Mercury. The unusual “hexagrams” are only intended to trace the sequence of Seniors in their proper order.\\
To make it more plain, using the Air Tablet in the East as an example:\\
Point your wand in the upper-left point of the hexagram (Mars) and vibrate: Habioro.\\
Point your wand in the upper-right point (Jupiter) and vibrate: Aaoxaif.\\
Bottommost point (Luna): Htmorda.\\
Close triangle by returning to Mars point.\\
Lower-right point (Venus): Ahaozpi.\\
Topmost point (Saturn): Hipotga.\\
Lower-left point (Mercury): Autotar.\\
Close triangle by returning to Venus point.
I hope this helps!\\

Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne: An Appreciation\\
by Mordecai Shapiro on Friday November 10, @04:12PM
>“Frater Spartacus,” who has also been known as “The Abbot,” “Choronzon,” and by many other Names\\
Is there any reason not to identify this person as the same David R. Jones who posted a reply above?\\
>Sir Saint Aleister Crowley\\
I think this more properly should be Saint Sir Aleister Crowley (that is, if ones recognizes the titles conferred by Don Carlos, duque de Madrid, pretender to the Spanish throne)\\

Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne: An Appreciation\\
by <Xnoubis> on Friday November 10, @04:51PM
> Is there any reason not to identify this person\\
> as the same David R. Jones who posted a reply\\
> above?\\
Well, you're no fun!\\

Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne: An Appreciation\\
by David R. Jones on Sunday November 12, @03:48PM
Do what thou wilt\\
Shall be the whole of the Law.\\
Yeah it's me.\\
Two or three more points of interest or maybe not ;-)\\
BJ Man sez\\
>The School of the Enochian Banners has taken firm root in the Vale of the Creek of Berkeley. I have personally encountered not just Children but Grandchildren of this School. There were persons who would not give credence to the idea that it was possible to do an Enochian Invocation without “Thee Geometrie of Thee Banners.”\\
I do find them useful. They are devised along the same principles as the Concourse of Forces that generate the Pentagrams and Hexagrams in traditional Golden Dawn magikal formulae and from the logic first set forth in the Hieroglyphic Monad. There is more to this which I probably should post someplace: i.e the reasons for the dircetional shifts (related as you adroitly suspect to the motions of the Tribes and ultimatelty to the New Jerusalem), differential logick for the pentagrams, calling the Kings and the Spirit angles etc.\\
further BJ Man sez\\
>VI. Closing, by the Signs of LVX: We can assume that what is meant by this is the Golden Dawn Signs of LVX, which make their first appearance in the Adeptus Minor Ritual, and are used in the “Ritual of the Rose Cross,” and the “Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram.” In Liber O, Aleister places them at the opening and closing of the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram as well. We may all rest easier at night, if we assume that He had a good reason for doing this.\\
I wouldn't be so sure of this, but if I say any more I may have to have some portion of my vital anatomy removed. A curious comparison may be found though in the 18th degree ritual of the AASR, for those who might have access to same.\\
Love is the\\
law, love under will.\\
David R. Jones aka
333 [which isn't always Choronzon by the way]\\

  • |Re: The Ritual of the Emerald Throne: An Appreciation\\
    by wt inquirer on Wednesday April 17, @02:43PM

    Does ANY of this have anything to do with the cult “Watchtower Bible Tract Society/Jehovah's Witnesses?\\
    Please iluminate me on this.\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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