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  A Public Health Message

Community Posted by Rev. Michael S. Margolin on Wednesday November 22, @07:54AM
from the no-joke dept.

Folks, out of all the times I gloated over being right and waved the banner of victory in the faces of those I defeated, for the first time in my life I wish I was wrong. But the samples that were taken from my company showed I was a lot more right than I ever wanted to be. No, I do not have cancer, but yes, I do have a dangerous amount of asbestos in my lungs. My son will be tested next week. I posted the following on the SoS members board this morning. Please, if you work in construction read the following.

– Thank you.

Michael Shane Margolin Sr. facil. Mech.
Industrial Health and Saftey
Wed Nov 22 07:15:14 2000

It was extreme displeasure I felt yesterday when I got the news I have asbestos contamination in my lungs. My 10 year old son will be tested next week. Old school construction, brothers – no matter how we try to convince ourselves this material is not dangerous, the fact is: it is. I do not have cancer, but I do have asbestos.

Folks, when we go home that crap goes with us, in our hair, clothes, and shoes. I can not stress the importance of this issue, not only for ourselves, but our families, friends and loved ones. If you find yourself working in a building that contains asbestos, make sure the land management company fully complies with all asbestos laws, state and federal.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna post anything for awhile. I don't know if I'll be on the chats for awhile either. I'm really not sure of anything at the moment.

I'm writing this at work and, as you can imagine, I really don't feel like being here. My wife has notified my friends, yes, people will be bugging me on a constant basis to make sure I don't get too stupid.

In ending: people, asbestos is dangerous. Don't kid yourselves or risk other people's lives with an old school lax attitude! It can kill you and your loved ones!

Rev. Michael Shane Margolin

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**Re: A Public Health Message**
by Rev. Mike Margolin on Thursday November 23, @10:05AM

93 Beast Bay,
Thank you for posting this.
John change of plans.
I won't be bugging you guys foy this 4 day holiday.
I'm staying at home with enough Nitrus oxide and balloons to float an Elephant lol and many other wonderful diversions lol
I am very fine and my people are baby sitting me lol Blessings to you all and Satans Blessings to those that accept them.
Well there is a bright side to all this.
“A man from the west shall pour his gold upon you.”
Have a great holiday, personally I hate this one and xmass, so it is best for me to hermit out with what I love.
I love you all and Support O.T.O. and thier current and past Caliphs.
In Satans Name
Daphy Baphy 666

**Re: A Public Health Message**
by rajinder babber on Thursday April 19, @09:41AM

please can u send me informtaion regarding occupational health related to work. please can u send me information on the laws which have influence occpational asthma

i will be very grateful


  • |Re: A Public Health Message\\
    by <Xnoubis> on Friday April 20, @08:58AM

    I forwarded your message to Rev. Mike, and he replied,\\
    “Yo Bro, if you want Post this URL for him and the general public.\\
    Its Cal Osha all the info you all need is there.\\
    Mikey 666”\\
    Now, some of that information will be specific to California. You might do a web search for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in your state if you live somewhere else. The URL for the Federal OSHA is http://www.osha.gov.\\
    Good luck!\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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