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  The Mystical & Magical System of the A∴A∴

General Thelema Posted by <Samael> on Wednesday December 20, @01:51PM
from the pyramid-scheme dept.

Jim Eshelman's excellent //The Mystical & Magical System of The A.'.A.'.// is finally available in a high quality Smythe-sewn hardback printed on acid free paper. If you are not familiar with this work, I wouldn't be exaggerating to say it's the best book on Scientific Illuminism yet written. I learned more about the structure and system of the A∴A∴ from this one book than from all I'd previously read combined. My highest recommendation!

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**Re: The Mystical & Magical System of the A.'.A.'.**
by Al Billings on Monday December 25, @02:30PM

Please follow the link on http://www.thelema.org (The Temple of Thelema site). If you purchase it at Amazon by directly following the link and immediately putting the item in your shopping cart, the ToT will get 15% of the the proceeds back from Amazon for bringing in the sale…

**Re: The Mystical & Magical System of the A.'.A.'.**
by Nathan W Bjorge on Tuesday December 26, @04:35PM


The A∴A∴ system is probably one of the most talked about and least understood aspects of the Crowley legacy. This book goes a long way towards righting that imbalance - by presenting the founder's normative conception of the Order's sequence of work. Each grade from Student through Exempt Adept is discussed in turn, always with an eye towards the actual practice of the requisite tasks. The insight this provides into the architecture and spiritual intent of the system is tremendous.

I first aquired the earlier 2nd edition of this book in 1997, and it changed and deepened my entire understanding of Thelemic magick. That older edition was spiral bound and privately distributed through the College of Thelema website. This welcome new edition has been extensively augmented with additional text, professional binding, and many illustrations. In many ways it is finally getting the presentation it deserves.

All profits from sale of the book are being donated by the author to the College of Thelema in support of its non-profit educational work. The author recieves no money from the purchase of the book.

The author, James Eshelman, has been an initiate of A∴A∴ for over 20 years and is a student of Phyllis Seckler, who at 84 years old is one of the seniormost living representatives of A∴A∴. The Jane Wolfe or Soror Estai lineage of A∴A∴ which derives through Phyllis and her own teacher Jane Wolfe has been initiating now for something like 30 years, and Eshelman therefore brings his own and his lineage's significant experience to the text. The book is not written only for Estai initiates, however, though it does provide much facinating information on the history and protocols of the author's own A∴A∴ line. The book details the normative system as laid out by its' founders which is held in common, at least in spirit if not in detail, by all A∴A∴ groups. There is also prevision for solo individual working of the system.

My highest recommendation.

93 93/93

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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