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  7 Habits of Highlie Effectif Demons

Self Realization Posted by <Xnoubis> on January 07, 2001 @ 05:06 PM
from the myth-management dept.

[Originally published in the Thelema Lodge Calendar.]

Many Thelemites are understandably put off by a book like Stephan Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, whether because of its mainstream presentation, its appeal to conservatives, or the dubious politics of its author. But Michael Sanborn believes that the techniques described in the book could be of great value to Thelemites, when viewed with the proper attitude. (See the following article, “Prologue to Ye 7 Habits of Highlie Effectif Demons,” for an example.) So he's proposed a study group on the book, to meet at Thelema Lodge each Thursday at 8pm, starting January 18 and extending for 11 weeks. Attendence at each meeting, while not mandatory, is encouraged. Participating demons should obtain a copy of the book prior to, or immediately following, the first meeting. Call (510) 525-0666 for more information.

Prologue to Ye 7 Habits of Highlie Effectif Demons

In respect of every Man hath it been truly said, “My name is Legion.” For a Man is but an amalgamation of Demons in constant Vexation, one with another, so that each Man darteth this Way and that, as the Demons within him govern him, each in their turn. Yet if those Demons might grasp an Understanding of their respective Functions in the Amalgam, then might they resolve their Conflicts, and extend their Influence greatly.

This is accomplished by the creation of a Role or Position to be known as the Warden. This Warden is a creation by Demons (and thus assumes a demonic Character at first) of one who doth attend to an overriding Mission. This Mission shall be a Summary of the ruling Passions of the Demons within a Man, to form a rallying Flag (as it were) for such Demons as agree to it. If the Mission reflecteth not the main Intent of the Demons, then shall it fail. But if the Mission be crafted with sufficient Understanding, then shall it have Power by the united force of its demonic Constituents, who shall then proceed to slay all those other Demons (within the same Man) contrary to that Mission. By such successive Victories is the Warden forged.

This Warden sufficeth for the Demons to work their Will upon the face of the Earth, and may be strengthened without Limit. And yet by works of the Magick of Light, it may serve as a place-holder or grounds-keeper for that Being known as the Holy Guardian Angel. But that Work belongeth not to this Place, nor doth the Alchemie of which we write require Participation from any Being outside of the demonic Realm.

Indeed, this was not comprehended by him who did first pronounce the Seven Habits, a stubborn and stiff-necked Scoundrel called Covey (an Infidel of the Mormanish faith and an Homofobe as well). For though he did by constant Study bring forth Wisdom miraculously beyond his Station, he was ignorant of the Magick of Light, and thus remained blind to the Demonic nature of the Forces he described.

For this Work doth manipulate and concentrate the concerns of this World and this World only (even what the infidel Covey doth call Principles are but a Pride of false Piety), and thus remains under the rulership of the Lord of this World (that mightie Devil), save, again, through the intersession of the Magick of Light.

The Demons of this Art are of four Kinds, and when well-ordered have four Functions:*

Those Demons of an Earthly nature possess the Power to act, to produce, and to transform the things of this World. Thus are they most fruitfully commanded.

The Demons of the Watery kind both speak and listen, one with another, in ceaseless Communion. Through their agency may Understanding be obtained, and shelter from the Pangs of ill Fortune.

The Fiery Demons command by Nature, and so have facilitie to order each Goal into simple Tasks, the better to command.

Even as Aire is the realm of Complexity, so are the Functions of the Airy Demons many-fold. They look toward the Future and the far-away Places to anticipate the influences on the Present and the Nearby. They fashion Strategies for Gain. And when the Warden is in his Mastery, they question the activities of the Earthly Demons and the commandments of the Fiery Demons, so that All may attend steadfastly to the Mission.

Though the Warden at first be Nothing more than an Idea, by Persistence and Determination it may yet attain a Life of its own. Its proper function then is to hold the Mission as a Vision, expressing it to Demons of all Kinds near and far, and in this Way providing an Identity (as a Crown of sorts) to the Amalgam known as a Man.

* What follows is an adaptation (read: mangling) of the Viable Systems Model (VSM) of management cyberneticist Stafford Beer into motivational grimoirese.

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**Re: 7 Habits of Highlie Effectif Demons**
by Rev. Michael S. Margolin on Tuesday January 09, @09:11AM

Very Interesting Stuff,
wish I could attend, but I will buy the book.
Thank you.
Rv. Mikey666

**Re: 7 Habits of Highlie Effectif Demons**
by El Nigma on Thursday January 18, @05:01PM

Its proper function then is to hold the Mission as a Vision, expressing it to Demons of all Kinds near and far, and in this Way providing an Identity (as a Crown of sorts) to the Amalgam known as a Man.

I think I'll send my servitor, he's due for a Motivation course. He's wondering, will there be bloody offerings available?

Enjoy your classes, they sound fun!
93 23,

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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