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  Peyote Wars

Social Justice Posted by <Xnoubis> on Tuesday January 09, @12:56PM
from the panic-button dept.

A Native American could face life in prison after performing peyote ceremonies for whites. Not only has he incurred the wrath of the legal system, he has also been disavowed by other Native Americans, who feel that the ceremonies should be performed exclusively amongst their own people.

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**Re: Peyote Wars**
by Nathan W Bjorge on Thursday January 11, @11:10AM


Huston Smith has edited an extremely good book on this subject called: “One Nation Under God, the Struggle of the Native American Church”. Highly recommended.


93 93/93

-Nathan W Bjorge

**Re: Peyote Wars**
by Rev. Mike Margolin on Sunday January 14, @08:11PM

“The Last Peyote'Song”
Hear me O native brothers,
the time is nigh at hand
The war is a-raging,
the same one that stole your land
The people and the spirit ,
are dying by the masses hands
The rites of your fathers,
ended by the mobs demands
“The Last Peyote'Song”
Hear me O native brothers,
Don't let them die this way
Take up the battle, don't let
them die this day
“The Last Peyote'Song”
Hear Them ,their your brothers,
the families of a million clan
Hear them, your little brothers,
dying at the masses hands
“The Last Peyote'Song”
In the name of the so-called drug war,
no wrong can be done
In the name of christian values,
no wrong can be done
In the name of the white mans law,
no wrong can be done
The Last Peyote'Song“
The End
The first time they lost their Rites
The Mad Poet Acbhb
Frater Inferior

Re: Peyote Wars\\
by El Nigma on Monday January 15, @05:53PM
The government having the nerve to “allow” practice of their own religion was an obscenity from the beginning. That that is now endangered because they want the practice of such religion segregated on racial lines, in the year 2001, just makes it worse.\\
The drug war is stupid, but even baby steps aren't being made in most states. Legalize marijuana. With some few exceptions - keep it illegal for children except under doctor supervision, to drive under the influence, and make it illegal to store in the car except in the trunk (to prevent people from driving and puffing at the same time).\\

  • |Re: Peyote Wars\\
    by Rev. Michael S. Margolin on Wednesday January 17, @11:28AM

    I wasn't sure if my poem would be misunderstood but from your post I see it was understood loud and clear.\\
    Folks the drug war is merely another manipulation scheme by our most loveing and concerned government “sarcasm”. It is a propaganda engine oiled with the goal of represion. Folks please stay awake, your doing great! Remember complacency KILLS!\\
    Ask questions, state your opinion, Think, Use your rights, or lose them.\\
    Baphomet Rex 666\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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