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  What Questions Have Disappeared?

Community Posted by <Xnoubis> on Thursday January 11, @07:33AM
from the hunchback-of-noted-brains dept.

John Brockman, editor of The Edge, has posed his annual “World Question” to his high-powered intellectual associates: “What questions have disappeared, and why?” The responses so far make for fascinating reading. I was particularly taken with the entries for “Is enlightenment a myth or a reality?”, “What is the next step in the evolution of democracy?”, and “What will life be like after the revolution?”

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**Re: What Questions Have Disappeared?**
by Nathan W Bjorge on Thursday January 11, @11:29AM


Facinating - a great article. It's particuarly interesting to read between the lines of each contributer and see their background assumptions. Note how frustrated scientists are that people don't realize that they have the true method to discover truth, as well as how frustrated they are that certain fundamental questions continue to elude answer by that method. Of all of these consciousness appears again and again as a phenomenon these individuals are uncomfortable with. The mind body problem is featured in some form or another in more contributions than any other topic.

If I had to pose my own question that has disapeared it would be:

“What is the meaning of Being”

Perhaps the biggest question of all. It motivated the thinking of the Greek philosophers who founded the Western intellectual tradition, as well as the inquery of such greats as Martin Heidegger. This question is not taken seriously much anymore, except to dismiss it without thinking about it. Perhaps we should ask it seriously again, and if we discover that merely intellectual discourse cannot answer it then it might even lead us to a different way of inquiring. The Platonists held that merely discursive or intellectual debate was inferior to a deeper kind of knowledge they called gnosis. Perhaps gnosis even has something to do with consciousness? It's worth asking.

93 93/93,

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