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  Into a Sea of Stars

Art Posted by <Marfiza> on Tuesday January 23, @12:49PM
from the o-holy-night dept.

trance * synthpop * ambient * rock * lightwave * goth

Nuit invites you to swim in the sea of stars, Sunday night, February 4th. Free. All ages. Get more details here.

Leigh Ann's finally fronting the sorcerous rock band she always wanted. Come see what it looks like.

That's right, the album I've been ranting about since last summer(!) is finally available, and there's going to be a party to celebrate!

It's going to be an absolute circus – maybe in the literal sense, since there'll be a fire-breather and stilt-walkers and go-go dancers… You'll just have to see it. First 300 people in the door get one of those incredibly cool Nuit T-shirts you may've seen if you frequent Thelema Lodge on Sunday nights. There'll be other give-aways too. Plus an opening band (glam synthpop boyz Moonlife) and a Trance DJ… c'mon, you'll like it.

Truth be told, I'm in a total panic for fear we'll throw open the doors and there'll be nobody there. So please do what you can to prove my fears unfounded, eh? ;)

     - M

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**Re: Into a Sea of Stars**
by Tim Maroney on Tuesday January 23, @06:04PM

**Re: Into a Sea of Stars**
by Mordecai Shapiro on Monday February 05, @11:22AM

I'll be looking forward to seeing the reviews, but in this one attendant's opinion, the evening was a smashing success. I'd guess the numbers of the audience at well over 500. The opening band was good enough to keep the early people there, but not so fantastic that they upstaged the lead act. The light show was excellent, the DJ got things hopping, then Nuit did a magnificent hour-long set. My only quibble was that Leigh Ann's vocals weren't amplified loudly enough, but anyone who listens to the CD will remedy that completely. My warmest kudos to Pat, Elton, and Leigh Ann for a masterly job!!!

  • |Re: Into a Sea of Stars\\
    by Pat McG on Thursday February 08, @05:14PM

    Me, what me? OK, I did a lot of work to get them there and get the audience there, but the band held on to them afterward.\\
    Some statistics:\\
    at 10 pm, the club manager estimates that we had more people than they usually get on their most busy night of any week – estimates about 400 people in the club at 10.\\
    at 11:15, there were still about 325-350 (estimates by the club) on the floor, on the risers, or in the lounge. Many of them were listening rather than dancing, but that still counts!\\
    We gave out between 300-400 t-shirts (my original estimate was higher, but counting boxes discarded and what remained in the tubs, my new estimate is probably better).\\
    Several of the reporters with whom I've spoken before and after are interested in what Thelema has to do with all this.\\
    Mort, Larissa, Joe, Espana, all pitched in and helped promote and hand out shirts. Hoorah!\\

  • |Re: Into a Sea of Stars\\
    by Leigh Ann on Sunday February 11, @07:16PM

    I'm looking forward to the reviews myself, though as far as I know, although there were press people present (potent, puissant and paternal *thwap* I'm okay now… ;) there haven't been any. :P\\
    Must agree about the vocals; we've just gotten the board mix tapes back, and the proof is there, for sure. Pretty clearly, too, I need to practice the violin more; the fact that I hadn't touched it in about a month REALLY showed. :( Still and all, I think we came out on the positive side of the balance when all was said and done.\\
    I just wanna take this moment to thank all of you who were there – I saw and was able to greet many of you, but most of you I just saw and never got to. So thanks a grillion for helping to make it the success it was.\\
    Now, everybody go RIGHT NOW over to http:%%//%%www.mp3.com/nuit/ and listen to the top three or four items there!\\
         - Leigh Ann\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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