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  The First Tongue?

Scholarship Posted by Tau Aleph on Wednesday January 24, @09:16AM
from the patter-noster dept.

A 3800 year old alphabet has been found intact on Six global continents. Translations and grammar suggest a global human culture thrived in antiquity.

Viewzone.com has a very interesting article about the discovery of petroglyphs resembling “old Negev” or “old Hebrew” in such diverse places as Oklahoma and Australia. Particularly fascinating are inscriptions from an archaeological site in Yemen believed to be a 3,000-year-old temple that may have belonged to the Queen of Sheba.

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**Re: The First Tongue?**
by <Malgwyn> on Thursday January 25, @04:44PM

These are Barry Fell (“America BC”) fans. I used to subscribe to a Journal called “Stonehenge Viewpoint”, which claimed that the same Colorado petroglyphs were actually modified Ogham scripts and evidence of ancient Celtic visitors.

Each “Negev” correlation to Hebrew has four or more variations, that is a lot of leway to give to petroglyphs. Couple it to an alphabet that doesn't use vowels, and almost every combination of letters would have some meaning.

The Latter Day Saints also have a stock in proving that ancient Hebrews visited the Americas. Through The BYU “Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies”, they are throwing big monetary grants at those who support the Book of Mormon hypothesis of Nephites and Lamanites. See link:
If you request the free introductory info they will send you their journal and related materal for years.

  • |Re: The First Tongue?\\
    by Tau Aleph on Sunday January 28, @12:51PM

    I figured that it was something like that, but it is still quite intriguing. Especially the Yemen stuff, which has the virtue of being more likely to really be connected to ancient Semitic language…\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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