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  French & Chinese Allied Against Cults

Social Justice Posted by <Xnoubis> on Tuesday January 30, @03:23PM
from the united-hates dept.

CESNUR alerts us that France was hailed for their determined anti-cult efforts at the International Symposium on Destructive Cults held in Beijing. Many of the French leaders of the European anti-cult movement were there. An ugly, ugly alliance.

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**Re: French & Chinese Allied Against Cults**
by <tonymonster> on Tuesday January 30, @11:08PM


Europe is afraid of $cientology. China is afraid of Falun Gong. To see an anti-cult view, try http://www.xenu.com. Some very interesting stuff going on on that front. People don't know what to do with Hubbard's merry crew and so they go after all 'antisocial cults.' Where does one throw in their support? I believe that $cientology as it stands today is a pretty nasty little anti-freedom con-game. I'm against 'em on philisophical grounds much like I'm against the poli-sci 101 fascism of the Unification folks.
But then again… religious freedom. We depend on it. We're, on occassion, gasp, anti-social.
How do we work for freedom, for human potential, for Love under Will, standing against those who would fetter us and the world while simultaneously protecting their religious rights along side of our own?
Germany, France and China are not satisfied with the kind of results the U.S. gets against criminal activities of cults. We've let people get away with a lot of damage in the name of religious freedom, and I don't think we made the wrong choice. What kind of solution would you come up with for a Europe that fears that $cientology, correctly or incorrectly, is just another Organized Crime Syndicate?


93, etc.


  • |Re: French & Chinese Allied Against Cults\\
    by <Xnoubis> on Thursday February 01, @03:15PM

    > What kind of solution would you come up with\\
    > for a Europe that fears that $cientology,\\
    > correctly or incorrectly, is just another\\
    > Organized Crime Syndicate?\\
    Audit Scientology. No pun intended.\\
    I agree that Scientology is the kind of organization that gives the rest of us blood-sucking, devil-worshipping, baby-abducting cultists a bad name. The best solution I can think of is to establish some kind of due process whereby if the state is given cause, they can conduct a thorough investigation of a church's internal practices. The trick would be to constrain such an investigation from turning into a mere fishing expedition. Similar guidelines exist for tax audits, though. The process would be complex, and would occasionally be abused, but I think it would be an improvement over the current anti-cult movement in Europe. And such a thing in the U.S. might be an administrative headache for a group like the OTO, but it could lead to overdue indictments against a group like the Church of Scientology.\\

  • |Re: French & Chinese Allied Against Cults\\
    by <Alex> on Monday February 05, @07:35AM

    i don't think that france's case against scientology is a religious freedom issue. it's a criminal issue. i was living in france during the whole case which led to the expulsion of scientology from france. it must be remembered that this was a murder case to which scientology members where found guilty.\\
    France is addressing a human rights issue. they don't have bible belt, moral majority, falwell-type activists shuting down groups and organisations because they're different. that doesn't fly there. in many ways, france seems to be more clear on where church separates from state.\\
    the motives of the murder case lead to an investigation of scientology. it wasn't a waco-type deal where an investigation lead to murder. what they found in this case went against freedom, human potential and love under will.\\
    i am far from embrassing the french system as a whole for all sorts of different reasons that don't pertain to this, but where this is concerned, i think america could learn a few things.\\

**Re: French & Chinese Allied Against Cults**
by <Nexist> on Thursday February 01, @12:14AM

Can't we just let them get rid of Scientology & then protest?

Then again, there isn't much to Fulan Gong to warm my heart either…

  • |Re: French & Chinese Allied Against Cults\\
    by <Xnoubis> on Thursday February 01, @03:26PM

    No? For the most part, I kinda like 'em. I like the idea of building up the wheel of Dharma in your belly, eventually encompassing the universe. I especially like the fact that membership is totally free of charge, although they do charge modest prices for their books and videos. And I can't help but think that a grass-roots spiritual movement could be just the right response to the hideous authoritarian government in China.\\
    I'm unsure about Li Hongzhi, though. There are a lot of Qi Gong organizations in China, and most of them aren't so fixated on a single authority as is Falun Gong. And there was a news report last year that he discouraged inter-racial marriage because he believes that each race has their own heaven, so inter-racial children have no place to go. I suspected that this might have been Chinese propoganda, and even emailed a Falun Gong representative to ask about it, but never received a response.\\

**Re: French & Chinese Allied Against Cults**
by Rev. Michael S. Margolin on Thursday February 01, @09:18AM

If it starts where does it end?
Who is next?
Why does the establishment fear growth?
Question Athority and watch them shake in insecurity.
Baphomet Rex 666

**Re: French & Chinese Allied Against Cults**
by <Xnoubis> on Friday February 02, @02:27PM

Don't miss the Falun Gong piece posted today in Salon: an interview with a journalist who's just published a book supportive of the group. There's a lot here that I haven't seen before; I'll probably go get the book soon.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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