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  Face Dancing

Self Realization Posted by Skye Earing on Sunday February 04, @03:58PM
from the sanctuary-of-the-noses dept.

A Medium of Brain Manipulation

Ver 1.0: How to wrinkle your brain
How to potentially kill yourself.

Be safe, sciat ipsit.

We've always known the boundary between madness and Genius is one upon which the fool dances. If you are a fool, like myself, this might be for you.

The ego is composed of the ego (the I) and the nego (the not-I). This is learned as a child by association.

The sum total of a thought-phenomenon-thing is its vibration. The vibration of Thelema is Thelema; my cat's vibration is my cat. The vibration of a person is the sum total of that person, and must be manifest in all qualities of that person: biochemical metabolism, spacetime location, thoughts, will, desire, etc.

Vision is the primary sense of man. We shall deal with it alone, right now. The Fool sees the world at the tip of his nose, and knows.

The eyes are controlled by the oculomotor nerve, which sits underneath the pineal gland, the third eye. When the eyes look down, the third eye looks up. This presses the brain up against the skull.

I can press my brain so hard against my skull that it can be felt rollin' around in there. My skull groans.

This causes the brain to stretch, increasing surface area. It also alters the alignment of the mind. By attuning the eyes to a different plane (the tip of your nose) and making the vision fuse into a single, functional vision, one creates a new mathematical interpretation of reality. The points of perception are no longer constructed according to the nursery ego. A new reality is seen.

This can be furthered in several ways. Proper posture is absolutely mandatory. Every joint must be flex (which means flex-ible: bent, and relaxed, yet ready to apply force). Push from your toes using your legs. Clench the jaw, making sure it's aligned properly. (Most people's aren't.) You don't need an orthodontist, just push. Use the whole body; don't forget your pranayama.

While this is being done, remember to push up on the soft palette of the mouth with your tongue. If you don't, you will bite it off, or at least want to. Remember the blind, mute Greek ecstatics? You don't want to be them.

Once you get it, you can actually fit the tongue into the sinuses. At this point, you can inflate your sinuses like a balloon, pressing up on your brain. A partner can also blow in your nose. Pull on your hair, and on the crown-point of your skull. You should hear your skull reshaping.

If you do this long enough, it becomes an VIII* tantric process. You'll find yourself standing on your forehead, eventually. Keep at it. It is not hard to maintain orgasm for six or seven hours, as the sexual organ being used is not genital.

If y'all want more, I can get more hardcore, but I want some more feedback. It has been my experience that homo sapiens var. sapiens does not find this to be a healthful procedure. It certainly will turn your temporal lobe into soup.

If you Desire, dwtw.

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**Re: Face Dancing**
by <Skye> on Monday February 05, @03:01PM

This is one of the larger media of the point I am creating. I am at an odds as to how much to continue in this comment, but be sure that I have a lot to say, and, though my breath might fall short, it will all be said.

Please comment, the feedback I receive will more correctly allow me to gauge what I manifest.

Why does Artemis recieve none? She finds not any who love the hunt as she. The hunt is the same force that we are discussing here, and elsewhere. It is the force that aligns bodies.
How is Artemis the Scarlet Woman? Ah.

I am attempting to create a point in abstract mindspace. This first transmission is an attempt to provide you with a tool to directly atler your vibration, towards the point that we as Thelemites all aspire.

In later transmissions I will take this conspet a bit further. I have create a set of three icons that can be used to explain any phenomena, and that can be used to communicate thoughts directly to the centre of an intellegence, with (much) appeal to the complex ego.

Using this three-icon model, I will explain a new system of geometry (with twice as many infinities as you expect ;). This system of geometry can be used to filter perceptions, thoughts, and phenomena in a manner before reserved only to the True Will. The concept of “Truth” will be applied to all the factors of sentience, not only the will. We will create a graph of consciousness and use it to modify consciousness itself.

In the construction of the above mentioned graph, we shall develop an accurate and abstract vocabulary that will facillitate telepathic communication.

We shall discuss the magical processes of telepathy, invocation, evocation, convocation, and conjuration. We shall define a vast number of points useful in defining the complex ego of the typist, Skye, and therefore be able to apply said concepts to any ego complex.

In doing so, we shall create a new artform. The thesis of this art revolves around the conspetion that all perceptions, all phenomena, on one level, are the response of our personal brain activity. Thus, any stimulus gains a direct pathway to the brain. It causes a chemical reaction in the brain; if the stimulus is caused by a human, then the reaction it causes reflects the cause of the reaction. This is the basis of telepathy, that we can cause a certain reaction in another's brain by frist stimulating it in our own.

The artform will be the Art of Telepathy. In it I shall create a body for my nego. This body shall be reconstructed within the minds of all who veiw it. This shall cause a specific chemical vibration to occur.

As the show progressing, more reagents will be added. Each will allow the construction of a whole that is beyond the sum of its parts. Ans it will tell a story, both manifest and conceived.

For, since the dawn of time and thought, there has been only one Mystery. It is hidden with all words, all signs, and a Mystery to those who Know it. For this secret is so fragile as to be unspeakible, so mighty as to dwarf even itself.

I am creating a point here. Every plane of thought is ruled by a Magus, each bearing the Word in his body. But there is a point touched by all planes, containing the set of all vibrations of the Magi. That point is Babalon.

Come to me! Come to Babalon! For it is a point, and things are one here. Come to me, for the time is soon!

There are no secrets, only Mystery.

  • |Re: Face Dancing\\
    by MATT ARNDT on Wednesday September 19, @12:29AM


  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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