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  Killer Crowley

Weirdness Posted by <Xnoubis> on Tuesday February 13, @03:40PM
from the tragic-in-theory-and-practice dept.

A 12-year-old boy was murdered by a mentally ill man in England. The murderer has just been sentenced to life in prison. Unfortunately for Thelemites, this man was a fan of Aleister Crowley's work, going so far as to have his name legally changed to Edward Crowley. This, of course, puts Uncle Al more in the public spotlight than would the publication of a dozen of his books. The real tragedy is the murder, but it certainly isn't helpful to Thelema, either.

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**Re: Killer Crowley**
by El Nigma on Wednesday February 14, @09:09AM

Like anybody other than the perpetrator had anything to do with that heinous ___-___ killing that boy other than that someone who let him out of the asylum and back out homeless on the streets near Diego's house, knowing what he was going to try to do. I read in the Times that the attack happened within a week of when the boy was going to be moved to Spain, and probably out of danger. Makes me sorta wish I could've go back in time and prevented it.

Maybe a note in the Book of Thoth and other Aleister Crowley books should be added for the stupid and psycho “If you are wanting to commit murder get mental help or see the police immediately”. May as well straighten out the in-poor-taste “killing babies” joke too, with one footnote, '*masturbation' set on the same page. And let in that (unless there's some incident I haven't heard about) there's no evidence Aleister Crowley (physically at least) murdered anybody. Its time to dull the flashy “Aleister Crowley = (former) Wickedest man in the World” crap. That's been recycled for the billionth-and-a-half time, and so it safely can be assumed the press can be counted as among the stupid who need to see a couple lines of info like that put in the footnotes. What that “Edward Crowley” did this week was evil, if he was even sane enough to understand what he was doing. What John Wayne Gacy was was evil, and all those should-be-dead pedophiles. They anger me.. alot.

El Nigma

  • |Re: Killer Crowley\\
    by Tim Maroney on Tuesday February 20, @08:53PM

    there's no evidence Aleister Crowley (physically at least) murdered anybody\\

    I recall two physical and one spiritual claims of killing. First, he claimed that he had once had to use the sword to discipline a ritual assistant who would have broken the circle, and that this resulted in the assistant's death. This is a somewhat ambiguous account.\\

    Second, of course, there is the mugger he claims to have shot and killed while on vacation with Rose, requiring his walk across China to evade the authorities.\\

    Third, and not physically, he claimed to have killed a “Circe” by inscribing the sigil of Saturn over her door with a dagger, magically causing her suicide.\\

    So I have to consider your statement a bit of a whitewash.\\


**"Hastings...which is now plagued with paedophiles"**
by <Atensutmose> on Wednesday February 14, @09:48AM

Oh, please.

To our friends in the yellow press, yesterday and today:
Apo pantos kakodaimonos!

**Re: Killer Crowley**
by <Pvlvlvativs> on Thursday February 15, @02:07AM

If the man had named himself “David Christ” and did this, would christianity be blamed for his misbehavior?

Has this been the case in the past?

And yet, when it deals with occultism, or UFO's, or oriental philosophy - its always that “satanic cult” that is to blame…

Got to love modern media - they make our lives so much easier by telling it just the way it is…

  • |Re: Killer Crowley\\
    by <Samael> on Monday February 19, @05:23PM

    Ah, but two can play this game…..\\
    THE original Jesus Christ is now enjoying cult status on the internet, more than 1900 years after his death.\\
    He was known in his lifetime as “the Messiah” and “the Logos” for his Anti-Jewish, Anti-Roman practices. His followers were frequently persecuted in the Roman Empire after rumours of their involvement in cannibalistic orgies and the sacrifice of babies. His motto was “Think not that I am come to send peace on Earth: I came not to send peace but a sword”.\\
    His most famous disciple had written “Without shedding of blood there is no remission”.\\
    Diego was innocent and intelligent and after Jesus Christ killed him, possibly as a sacrifice to his namesake, police found in his scruffy holdall a sinister piece of paper.\\
    It was covered in references to Jesus's teachings and quotations used in his “Bible”. Alongside were drawings of Abraham sacrificing Isaac and Jephthah his daughter, and allusions to Joshua's relentless and holy genocide against the indiginous men, women and children of Canaan. He had headed the plan delendus est Pineiro - Latin for “Pineiro is to be destroyed”.\\
    Diego's surname was Pineiro Villar. There was also a reference to Diego's Spanish birthplace. Torquemada, notorious in the 15th century for torturing “Infidels”, including children, was also mentioned.\\
    Mark Ellison, prosecuting, said an expert had examined the plan and decided that it was “primarily concerned with human sacrifice, chiefly the sacrifice of children and plainly the fruit of considerable study of the subject”.\\
    Christ, the son of a Nazarene carpenter, died in 33 ev. 1950 years later, Henry Alan Bibby was born and from his early twenties had a history of mental illness. He became estranged from his family - his father is now dead and his mother lives in a home - and has made several suicide attempts. His only two relationships over 20 years ago ended when the women he chose rejected him.\\
    So involved did Bibby become with Christ's legacy that in 1998 he changed his name by deed poll to that of his hero and became increasingly absorbed in his works.\\
    In recent years the works of Christ have seen a revival with one of the most popular Christian sites on the internet. New biographies have also been published and a foundation in his name propagates his beliefs. The Anglican Church is now the official cult group for Christ in Hastings. Believers in the occult think that the South Coast town, which is now plagued with paedophiles, has been cursed ever since.\\

  • |Re: Killer Crowley\\
    by Anathema Maranatha on Wednesday February 28, @08:37PM

    Yes, and then on the other end of the spectrum there are also innocent people, who may or may not be involved with occultism, getting blamed for heinous crimes because of their association or fascination with magick, or even just their “weird” appearance or style of dress.\\
    Look at the case of the “Robin Hood Hills Murders”\\
    where three teenagers have been convicted of brutally murdering three little boys, even though there is no actual proof linking the teens to the crimes… other than one of the them having allegedly practiced Wicca, wearing a lot of black and having Aleister Crowley's “Magick in Theory and Practice” in his possesion. The only other thing they could find to pin on this guy after having read through all of his private diaries, is that on one of his notebooks, he drew a pentagram. Regardless of that, he sits today on Death Row.\\
    The Satanic Panic is still very much alive and well, especially in the United States. It's lunatics like this guy who just killed the little boy and wants to be Crowley, who make terms like “religious freedom” a rather weak line of defense for the rest of us.\\
    For more about the West Memphis 3, rent the documentary film about them “Paradise Lost” or visit the website: wm3.org\\

**Re: Killer Crowley**
by Rev. Mike Margolin on Monday February 19, @09:53AM

Crowley in several places instructs his students to replace the acts of sacrifice called for in several books with its meditative equivlents.
As far as the acts by teens and crazy folk world wide in the name of darkness under one flag or another they all lead back to Catholic propaganda.
The instructions of what the Catholic church claimed jews, pagans, Templars, witches, and Satanists did according to them. This propaganda had two effects.
1 It scared people into staying in or joining the Catholic church.
2 It taught people a night mare to live by and attempt if they lost their faith in christ.
Yes that childs murder is a tragedy but thanks to the propanda popularised by some rock stars and horror movies and given birth by the Catholic church we will see many more tragedies and monsters. Unless we take an active role to end this propaganda.
In Satan's Name
Baphomet Rex 666

  • |Re: Killer Crowley\\
    by Rev. Mike Margolin on Monday February 19, @09:59AM

    A correction.\\
    . This propaganda had two effects.\\
    1 It scared people into staying in or joining the Catholic church.\\
    2 It taught people a night mare to live by and attempt if they lost their faith in christ.\\
    Actually there are three.\\
    The third is the justification of Slaughtering any non Catholics.\\
    Mikey 666\\
    P.S. Do you think anything has changed?\\

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