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  Geometric Telepathy

Self Realization Posted by Skye Earing on Sunday February 18, @10:24PM
from the mental-floss dept.

Here is the first real transmission from the Amazing Maozim, to all that would be.

We shall establish a mode of communication that will bypass the confines of the ego.

Transmission I:

It is of utmost necessity that there be a mode of communication that does not depend on the apostolic nature of the ego, and that can be used to quickly and easily transfer information from one human body to another. The only limitation of this medium is that the English language be understood. Many words will be technically defined; these definitions are correct in this system.

The primary model of the universe that we shall be using is the ENA Macrocosmic Model. Each letter (E, N, and A) represents an icon, the sum of which, by their interactions, can be universally used to explain absolutely any phenomenon.

The E is the ego, which is the “I”. To have a phenomenon, there must be something having that phenomenon. This is not simply the Freudian or Crowleyan ego, but absolutely any concept(s) that can be defined as “I”.

The N is the nego. The nego reflects the ego, and the two define one another. Where the ego is “I”, The nego is “not I”. Everything that is defined as “not I” is the nego. Obviously all is one, and yet this is not true if any perceptions continue.

The A is the Asphere, which is a wild card of sorts; it is anything that is not perceived or perceivable. It serves simply to represent any information not known in the present moment that might be known in the future.

By assigning phenomena to these three icons (or really two, as the Asphere is blank), one can represent all phenomena.

When one alters one part of a whole, one alters the whole itself. This is the Synergistic Axiom. Thus, by altering the ego or nego, one correspondingly alters the universe as a whole.

We shall now begin graphing mindspace. There are four levels of reality, and we must acknowledge this so as to be able to classify our thoughts. Luckily (or not), we only have direct access to two of these.

The first level of reality is the unperceivable Tao, that which causes perceptions. It is the level of matter. We are unable to perceive this because we are sensory beings.

Yet we can indirectly perceive this. Light reflects off things and stimulates our eyes. This causes a process called construction. Our brains actively construct all phenomena that we perceive. The visual cortex, which constructs sight, for example, takes up almost half of our brain. Everything is constructed, from color to motion to objects – everything. And it is constructed from relatively little information. We see a lot of dots and intersections, and our brain fills in the rest. Anyone aware of the blind spot of the eye, where the retina attaches, should understand this fact.

Yet we are unable to perceive even this second level of reality. The information lacks any meaning without emotional attachment, without bias.

The third level of reality is phenomenal reality, the reality of perceptions. This is the average of constructed reality and the fourth level.

The fourth level is imaginary.

In our graph, we need to establish some certain points. The first point we need is the ego point. It is the origin of our graph.

We need now to establish axis. We shall do so by imagining several infinite concepts.

If one was to add together all numbers, one would find the number Aleph. This is actual infinity. And yet there are higher powers of Aleph.

If we were to add together all the rational numbers on the number line, we would get Aleph. And yet there are many more numbers on the number line than the rationals. There are irrationals like pi, for example.

A line is of infinite length, and yet is of a smaller size than a plane, and no number of lines can equal a plane. This has presented a great problem to mathematicians. If no number of Alephs equals a higher order Aleph, how can it be? The irrational numbers were secret in Pythagorean days for a reason.

All of the numbers on the number line are equal to Aleph, yet no matter how many we perceive, there are always spaces that are forgotten. The sum of all these spaces is Daleth.

Aleph is Pattern; Daleth Relation.

The point that is Aleph is at the end of a line that is intersected by the ego point, along the X axis. The point that is Daleth is intersected by the ego point along the Y axis. Thus we construct a Cartesian graph around the ego.

We need establish a few more points. The first point is the Genius. The Genius is the absolute perfect reflection of the ego at any moment; it is the ego raised to infinity.

The Angel is the force that gives all actions of the ego perfect meaning. Even if the ego is not aware of the true reason, the Angel is its cause.

There is a sphere centered around the ego. This is the negosphere. The negosphere contains the whole known universe, real and imaginary. Outside of the negosphere is the asphere.

All of those qualities that define and limit a person, the Crowleyan ego (Choronzon), are placed in a smaller sphere around the ego, called the egosphere. The egosphere should be completely collapsed, leaving only the ego point.

Each phenomenon has some quality that makes it itself and none other. This is vibration. No two things have the same vibration; if they did, they would be one. We use vibration like co-ordinates, save that they usually aren't described by numbers. The vibration of Beastbay is Beastbay; vibration of my dog is my dog. We can always have a set representing more than one vibration, we simply refer to the set's vibration.

There is only one thing at any one time that is foremost in our mind. If there is more than one, then we describe the set as a whole as the one thing. This is the active nego. The process of choosing an active nego is the function of sentience, and is called selection. The active nego may be referred to as the select, or selected nego.

All points not active or the ego are peripheral.

Most thought is linear, being a relation between the active and the ego. Yet this has little meaning, because it has no context. Only planar thought has meaning.

Any thought can be thought of as true, relative to its plane of origin.

Any two points have what is called resonance. This is the result of their difference of vibration. The resonance of two points is very much like spatial gravity. It attracts one to another.

One moment is a frame. This is a single instant. All frames that involve a single ego point (that has not changed in vibration significantly) collectively make a scene. Scenes are linked by themes which are meaningful and intuitive, in the same sense as movie themes.

Scenes are drawn as multiple negospheres inside a single asphere, with or without an egosphere.

The first quadrant of our graph represents positive Aleph and Daleth, positive in both pattern and relation. The second is positive in relation, but negative in pattern. The third is negative in both pattern and relation, and the fourth is positive in pattern and negative in relation. The exact placement of points beyond this depends on the intent of whomever draws the graph.

From the ego to the Genius is a ray, called the Spirit Ray. Anything that lies on this ray is the True Will and the True Desire. Any actions that lie on this ray must be taken.

From the ego to the Angel is the Ascension Ray. This represents mystical understanding. Anything on this ray must be manifest.

Existent phenomena can exist in a variety of ways. They can be manifest, which means that they have some existence outside the imagination of the ego (Buddhism notwithstanding ;-} ). They can be perceived, which means that the ego acknowledges their existence. They can be conceived, which means that they exist in the imagination of the ego. And they can be a host, which means that it is not manifest, yet it does have some agent of manifestation outside the ego's imagination.

I think that this is enough for now. Next lesson: Telepathy.

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The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

**Re: Geometric Telepathy**
by Shader XX on Monday February 19, @02:05AM

Ha the itness of Na
unraveling the above
every mirror is a woman
the star reflection is infinite
nothing is different from itness
many star reflections of me, in
the thou, in playful ancients
tongue of my word direct, heart orb
direct! coming down I concieve Hopokr
Ka ku not Ku ka, star within I not
touch and take and give nothing light
they give, they take, they finite itness
these, O onto Zero, thier Ha and O
enjoy everything, take and give Na
blue Na, she x shine lapis O An na
forever now lover forever fire it
red fire x she playing ancient orbs
bright orb reflect orb infinite
hidden light, never fear, snake
open the door, key it all, make fun
see na see no, Ha, SEE! touch above
below, my me NA my me na na infinite
no na na no, pain, become one Ha Na
Na me no many orbs 11…-+ be un to me
speak me he, lover, loved why ask IT
it is a ITness, speaking it, fire azure
my shape makes it be free to play, be it
be total forever now my shape exalt
in many itnesses O Na forever, not no it
constant, na star flame, give un to Na
lost not in Na take pleasure in na my desire
lick all, go down on all, written na its
all in all read dark shape thing its
under go written fire in solids, my people
be na na no and also no ha no bad reflections
un un everness nevernes terror black flames
forget no , remnember all, do it all, be itness
make it yours, by force of it, it is all now
now not, forever blackness hidden opener it
nunbers of it, inner,87,ooo.little na big na
open pages of it all, never mind work of some
its shine all, Ho giving Na through technic
na bright, lazuli, yellow shine white shine
flower scent, its of un its, go, Ho be wild
never look back. at Ra na, she givith herself
me me he he, down there, arrive to take arrive
to go, go go look past it all dark thoughts
think me in dark foreverings, do me, again now
i give of myself of it all darkness brightness
in strange pleasures of now now, 11 O na no unto
sing, enter, adore, penitrate, my open mystery
i give it all, i reveil the unveiling of my sex
become lost to thyself, recieve, give, write, dance, speak stars, my Na my Na, my ecstasy AH Ho Na…the shadows open from above, bring down the
shadows, let the stars blaze open the sky mirror
let the end dream where you cannot see it now ever

zeyes XX

**Re: Geometric Telepathy**
by Diedre Mei on Monday February 19, @09:26AM

“The only limitation of this medium is that the English language be understood.”

Why would any sort of telepathy need to be based on a linguistic system. Wouldn't it be easier and more universal to build a system of extended-empathy? Instead of just communicating emotions to others, we could communicate images and abstract ideas that dealt directly with the chitta.

I find myself suspicious of those that feel the need to redescribe concepts that are already extant giving them new names. I think the same could have been accomplished with a brief glossary and a note to “see the Tree of Life.”

Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
by Shader XX on Monday February 19, @10:46AM
suspicious, sounds like superstitious\\
there is never enought ways to look at things\\
growing complacent with systems, is grounds\\
for exploring new applications, and or ideas\\
Crowley said, ettch, carve , mold,sing,dance, write, as ye will\\
the tree of life is not a static system, it is dynamic, or not at all\\
what Skye does is work out things for her own experiance, why would that bother any one\\
what i do is rearrange the structure of language\\
explore the permutations of words,carve, mold\\
being suspisious, implys static thinking\\
apply static thinking to static thinking\\
and see what you come up with, there is always room for new thought, ideas are free, not chained\\
to some system, otherwise that system deserves\\
to be overthrown, or sidesteped, what do you fear?\\
that is why i am not a christian, nor a buddhist,\\
perhaps i am a thelemite, i call myself a thelemite, i cleave to the idea, that everything\\
is interchangeable, if i suspect that it begins\\
to become static, i blow it up and start all over again, why not i am not defined by my ability to\\
become inslaved to any system, i do not see the merit, nor do i desire to find my “true will'\\
to be nothing but an part of someone's mental machine, i seek inspiration, not fixation to any\\
symbol, analogy, metaphor, glyph, number, if i\\
say DOOR, i am not looking at the letters that make up the word DOOR i am only seeing in my\\
minds eye an open space to pass through….\\
i leave my fears behind, my presious systems, my\\
bias, my unbending beliefs, and simply walk through into the night sky…\\
that does not mean that i leave my critical facalties behind, it just means that i use that energy where my intuition, needs it, my sword cuts both ways beacuse it cuts through air, otherwise\\
my blade would become dull, and i would spend all my days sharpening it, and that become tedious\\
and cumbersome…i do not cling to ideas, they cling to me, because i move with them, and they therefore are moved…people that are resentful of\\
experimenters, of poets, of fluid philosophy, of\\
freestyle thought, of chaos, of things askue, are\\
fearful of thier own shadows…they should apply thier thought to what gives them that fear, there they will find the source of the disturbance…\\
shader zeyes XX\\

Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
by <Samael> on Monday February 19, @03:29PM
Wouldn't it be easier and more universal to build a system of extended-empathy? Instead of just communicating emotions to others, we could communicate images and abstract ideas that dealt directly with the chitta.\\
Which is how, in fact, ordinary telepathy usually works, in my experience.\\

Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
by Shader XX on Monday February 19, @04:45PM
is that also how lauguage works\\
in your experiance?…is the word Thelema\\
an agitant or a radical, is it communicated\\
telepathicaly, or with charts and graphs,\\
is it possible to be become complacent and\\
sit in the same space the word occupys?\\
if i study meditation, is it the same as doing it?\\
if i spontaniously meditate, and recieve psychic\\
messages from my subconscious mind, do i need to\\
wrap myself around the tree of life, or does it happen clairvoyantly clairaudianty?…are symbols\\
able to morph universaly, and translate to my own\\
inner rhythms, rhymes, riddles, is improsvisation a viable form\\
of commuication, if i use cut-ups are the subconscious messages i recieve for my eyes only?\\
can i communicate mundane images telepathicaly?\\
or does it take a secret set of images to empathicaly teleport to another empath?\\
is this what we are all mutating toward or getting back?\\

Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
by Arbitrary Complainer on Monday February 19, @07:09PM
if i break off the shift key from my keyboard and write big words does that make me super-cool?\\
if i fake the a-bility\\
to be a poet by tossing in a bit of alliteration\\
does that make me illuminated?\\
if i put my pants on\\
two legs at a time\\
can i ever hope to be a thelma-ite?\\
if i become so full of myself that i explode and\\
there are two me's\\
is that considered cloning?\\
can i just ask questions without\\
posing any answers\\
and still be considered\\
can i fool you?\\

Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
by Shader XX on Monday February 19, @10:05PM\\
no arbitrary nobody you can't\\

  • |Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
    by Shader XX on Tuesday February 20, @05:49AM

    …besides “nobody”…at least i never betrayed\\
    anybody and sold them out for no good reason!\\
    i have done the best i could with what i have had to work with…\\
    a little poetry should not make you crap your creeds!\\

Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
by Amorphous Commenter on Tuesday February 20, @09:03AM\\
[grin] As complaints go, that's particularly rich. Hear, hear!\\

  • |Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
    by Shader XX on Tuesday February 20, @09:27AM

    ,,,yes we know how rich you are…Amorph!\\
    were as i live out in the desert under the night sky, with my cat Ma'at, and my priestess,(smile)\\
    so what's the problem, i could stir up the consciousness cauldron all day, and you would just\\
    rake it in, and smirk!\\
    but i really can't stand people that say Hear Hear!…how is that for a complaint!\\
    put that in your perique and smoke it!\\
    oh i forgot you don't smoke, have a nice rest of your life, and treasure every moment!\\
    93 to you sir…Shader 217 XX\\

Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
by The Amazing Maozim on Wednesday February 28, @01:06PM
Every phenomena that occurs must occur in some medium. In the writing of this document, the only attention given to these words was done so so that I could link certain bio-chemo-elctro-mechanical patterns that occur commenly within the mind with certain icons of my choosing. I am attempting to infect you with a virus that will reprogram your host so as to destroy all manifestations contrary with my vibration. I am building a vocabulary.\\
When I say “vibration,” or “Aleph,” your ego misunderstands me. This is not unfortunite; it is expected. I am programing a complex pattern to be associated with a simple pattern. When I say “vibration,” your brain will fire a pattern that is the neurophenomenological relfection of your understanding of the word.\\
I intend to continue this, you learning the words, and storing relations and pattrerns for later recall when the word again stimulates you.\\
Once the words are programmed, I will begin using them in orders that imply patterns far more complex and removed than I could stimulate directly in this medium. This is the telepathic frequency.\\
Why do I redesribe concepts that are already discussed? The mind is too sloppy for me to trust in blind faith that the definiton of a word that I use is exactly what I need to use in non-solipsistic communication. I am weilding phenomena that are larger than my sword, to claim but a dagger dulls the blade.\\
Should I continue? This is a beginning basis for what will come later. It is not in any way extreme, other than the technical and dry nature of it. Anyone having trouble (moral?) with this transmission would probably be driven mad by later transmissions, and I would *hate* for that to happen.\\
There are no secrets,\\
Only Mystery\\

Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
by Shader XX on Thursday March 01, @10:09PM
…language is a perpetual revolution, a serpent\\
eating its own tail, by the way some neurons are mirrors!\\
so you don't exactly program the words, you deprogram, the space between the words,\\
because the spin put on a word, is preprogramed,\\
by centuries of use, nevertheless, if you listen\\
to words themselves, language speaks to you, with\\
a language all it's own, how can i use words to explain that to you, unless i let the pure magik\\
of thier sounds and multiple possible meanings\\
intermingle, automatic flow (air) forged by tempered will,(fire) desire/gnosis (earth/water)\\
secrets are presumed hidden, until revealed\\
they help us descover who we are,\\
the language keys are like tones and half tones\\
a koan could be a symphony\\
the mystery is in the voice, speak and it shall unfold into infinity…nu n u\\
watch out for those pesky neurons!\\
..zuzt toot anatta kia uralalia\\

  • |Re: Geometric Telepathy\\
    by Shader XX on Sunday March 04, @07:13PM\\|

    ….where IS that amazing scarlet harlot!\\

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