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  Day Sigils

Magick Posted by <Xnoubis> on February 25, 2001 @ 06:18 PM
from the in-hawk-sign-vinces dept.

I've been pondering over magical ways to engage with conventional time, and this has led me to conceive of a technique I might describe as “day sigils.”

Traditional sigils are in some ways an innately nightside technique. One formulates one's intent and symbolizes it in a glyph of some kind. Often, the intent is spelled out in a sentence, the duplicate letters are removed, and the remaining unique letters are arranged in a memorable design. Then the sigil is charged through a magical act (often involving bodily fluids) in the mind and, usually, on a physical talisman. After it is charged, the talisman, if any, is put away or destroyed, and the intent forced out of the mind, allowing the unconscious forces to go to work.

Day sigils would not be a substitute for traditional sigils, but rather a way to provide a conscious intent with totemic significance. One would first attempt to draft an inventory of one's goals, breaking down long-range goals into relatively short-term steps. In order to get a picture of the totality of one's goals, it could be helpful to consider one's chosen roles or Masks (in the Maatian sense), and recognize one's goals in each. Each of those goals could then be assigned a glyph, generated alphabetically as described above, or in any other fashion.

One would then look ahead to within the near future – a week at a time, say – and assign blocks of time dedicated to working toward the accomplishment of the goal represented by the glyph. Once the goal is accomplished, some ceremony of completion could be performed, as for instance the burning of a talisman of the glyph.

While assigning time periods for the accomplishment of the goal, some might find it helpful to consult certain time-based practices, such as astrological transits, the Government of Hours, or Tattvic Tides. Others might find the conventional calendar sufficient.

Once one had assembled a complement of such day sigils, one could also draw or visualize them in formations, in order to consider the interrelations between them, as a summary of the situation as a whole.

This idea might not add much for those who are already adept at time management, but for those of us who are accustomed to more intuitive approaches might find something along the lines of day sigils to be a bridge between the intuition and linear time.

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**Re: Day Sigils**
by <Virbius> on Tuesday March 06, @12:25AM

I've been looking for ways to “engage with conventional time” also. I like the idea of meditating on future plans, but sigils are not very familiar to me. The idea of “Time Management Self-Hypnosis” sounds useful to me though, and this article has helped me to adventure in that direction.

The Planetary Hours article is interesting, as are a number of the posts.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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