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  YHVH and the Gaia Matrix

Magick Posted by <Xnoubis> on March 11, 2001 @ 06:28 PM
from the four-more-tiers dept.

Of those thinkers whose work could be characterized as “New Age,” my favorite has to be Rowena Pattee Kryder. She's a prolific graphic designer who handcrafted a dazzling animated film called The Tree of Life. Her book of poetry, Songs to Thee: Divine Androgyne, is a devotional work of great power and originality. She has designed and constructed two shrines, one in Santa Barbara and a second, at Mount Shasta, that has become the headquarters for her Creative Harmonics Institute.

But I know her best as the creator of the Gaia Matrix Oracle, a system of divination that I believe has relevance to our tradition.

The Gaia Matrix Oracle was published in 1990 as a card deck with an accompanying 280 pp. book. The deck is not based on the structure of the Tarot. It is rather an exposition of the permutations of a four-fold pattern across the Old Earth that we have come from, and the New Earth towards which we are headed.

She calls the four steps of this pattern, source, agent, process, and effect, in that order. Source is also referred to as cause, agent as means, process as activity, and effect as consequence.

The Gaia Matrix Oracle first defines the four worlds (much like the Kabbalistic four worlds) in those terms. As we would say, Atziluth is the source, Briah is the agent, Yetzirah is the process, and Assiah is the effect. Each of these worlds is broken down into four Archetypes, and each Archetype is broken down into four symbols, all on the basis of source, agent, process, and effect.

It's not clear how much Kabbalah Dr. Kryder is familiar with, but it seems to me that this four-fold sequence serves as a new way to think about the formula of Tetragrammaton. Source, process, and effect are similar enough to Yod, Vau, and He final to pass without comment. What is of particular interest here is the characterization of He, or Water as we might say, as agent. Water in the usual depiction of Tetragrammaton is nearly a passive receptacle. To describe it as agent gives it a more active emphasis. I find that this re-framing restores a gender balance to Tetragrammaton. This becomes apparent in her depiction of the four worlds.

The Spiritual World (Atziluth) is, as we might expect, Divine Reality. But the Creative World (Briah) is not an archetypal middleman as is usually described, but rather the Human Condition. He is receptive as before, but here, we as human beings are the receptors. The Formative World (Yetzirah) is Natural Evolution, and the Fulfilled World (Assiah) is Cultural Evolution – also a bit of a surprise.

As an example of how the worlds are analyzed into source, agent, process, and effect, the Spiritual World consists of four Archetypes. The source of the Spiritual World is the Creator or Prime Mover. The Primal Waters are the agent. The process of the Creator acting upon the Primal Waters is the Kingdom. The effect of all this is the Priest-Seer, who represents Attunement. And each of these Archetypes is similarly broken down into four Symbols.

Does this nesting of four-fold permutations sound familiar? To me, it is a close parallel to the system of Enochian Watchtowers, particularly in their Golden Dawn recension, wherein every square is defined (at least in part) in terms of Tetragrammaton. The Gaia Matrix Oracle can be seen, then, as a guide for the interpretation of the Watchtowers, where the Worlds are the Elemental tablets, the Archetypes, the sub-quadrants, and the Symbols, the Kerubic angels. The Watchtowers in fact take the permutations one step further with the lesser angels, who could probably be analyzed as the source, agent, process, and effect of each Symbol.

But in the Gaia Matrix Oracle, the four Worlds, the sixteen Archetypes, and the sixty-four Symbols are only half of the story: the Old Earth. The New Earth is the mirror image of the Old, where the Fulfilled World goes from effect to source, the Formative World becomes the agent, the Creative World turns into the process, and the Spiritual World is the effect. This is the path before us, culminating in the Mother of the World Archetype, the effect of the Spiritual World in the New Earth, corresponding to the Creator, source of the Spiritual World in the Old Earth.

The Mother of the World is thus the Omega Point as described by Teilhard de Chardin, and the Creator is the Alpha Point. This in some ways recalls the Horus-Maat Double Current, and suggests the possibility of a “Maatian Enochian” formed by reversing the elemental attributions of each square on the Watchtowers.

Rowena Pattee Kryder has continued to develop these ideas since the original publication of the Gaia Matrix Oracle. Recently, she's released a set of //Vibrational Medicine Cards// based on the Symbols of the Gaia Matrix. I'm looking forward to working with this system in greater depth.

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