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Drugs Posted by <Xnoubis> on Tuesday March 13, @02:48PM
from the everything's-coming-up-doses dept.

It's looking as if psychedelic drugs are regaining some legitimacy as a domain for scientific research. I don't usually recommend articles from The New York Times because they require registration, but this one makes for pleasant news in otherwise grim times. It focuses on the work of the Heffter Research Institute, home to many psychedelics researchers, including Dennis (brother of Terence) McKenna.

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**Re: Psychedelic Revival**
by <Nexist> on Tuesday March 13, @06:10PM

It's about time. I remember an article in Omni magazine (back in the 80's) discussing an institute coming into being to collect all data on pre-ban research for LSD. They were going to see if they could restart research again as well. I have also read “LSD Man & Society” which is a collection of articles on pre-ban research. It was quite the hot topic – despite the primitive equipment mentioned in the Times article, it was highly promising for addiction & neurosis treatment.

Anyway, great stuff. Perhaps we can get decent Acid once again if they start manufacturing it for clinical use. Oh well, dream on…

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**Re: Psychedelic Revival**
by <Cameron> on Thursday March 15, @09:14PM

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,

http://www.maps.org/ is easily the best source of infomation on psychadelic research that I am aware of. The mainstream area of their research deals with MDMA and its use as a catalyst in psychological treatment, however they also address just about every other psychadelic too.

Love is the law, love under will,

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**Re: Psychedelic Revival**
by <RIKB> on Monday March 19, @12:36AM


I'll take this as an opportunity to recommend the works of “LSD therapist” Stanislav Grof, who, after LSD was banned in the 60s, turned to work with holotropic breathing. There's also a lot of research still out there in university stacks done in the early 60s that shows pretty dramatic and relatively stable personality change as a result of hallucinogen administration. Hardly the panacea that some would like to believe, but as someone who feels that moderate and time-limited experience with hallucinogens made a significant and positive change in my life-course, I'm all for more research.

93 93/93

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The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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