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  Aleister Crowley: Professional Wrestler

Weirdness Posted by <Pavo> on Friday March 16, @07:52PM
from the as-brothers-fight-ye dept.

It appears as if the Beast himself has been reincarnated and is now following in the footsteps of Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Perhaps I could write this in whiter words, but go further on . . .

In my continuing search for Thelemic weirdness, I ran across this page from the WWFCW.

Just when I think I've found the weirdest thing that someone has written about A.C., another guy raises the bar up a notch. In this wrestling league, Crowley appears to be a rather evil character who runs bad-guy tag teams and causes all kinds of trouble from outside the ring. I can't do it justice here though – you've got to see it for yourselves. This particular bit of weirdness is so extreme it quite literally takes my breath away (and to those of you who know me, that's saying A LOT).

For those of you who wish to overdose on goofy, I have also this picture of the “Dark One” that I found elsewhere on the site.


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**Re: Aleister Crowley: Professional Wrestler**
by <Marfiza> on Monday March 19, @01:31AM

Oo! Ooo!! I want a 50' jet-black Winnebago! Who wants to be on my wrestling team??

<evil grin>

     - M

**Re: Aleister Crowley: Professional Wrestler**
by Amalgamated Persona on Monday March 19, @07:10AM

I think it's an elaborate joke. The latest news states that a Royal Rumble ended when the Colloseum collapsed on the wrestlers. There is also reference to “Andy Dick” as a special referee. Oh, and their last showing was at a maximum security prison.

I guess it's time to take a road trip to
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
161 W. 22nd Street
New York, NY
In an attempt to spot the Great Beast in his newest incarnation. This must really get GM Kelly's goat.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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