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  A Vernal Equinox Rite

Magick Posted by <Xnoubis> on March 21, 2001 @ 09:50 AM
from the LIL-shop-of-Horus dept.

[What follows is the script from Thelema Lodge's Vernal Equinox 2001 e.v. (IVix a.n.) celebration. A simple variation on the traditional Golden Dawn Rite, interpolated with Dee and Kelley's “Prayer of Enoch,” the Enochian call of the First Aethyr, and the speech of the child Horus from the LIL chapter of The Vision and the Voice. Happy Hermit New Year!]

Angel with Sword in East. Lion with Wand in South. Eagle with Cup in West. Bull with Disk in North. In the center is an altar, on which is a censer, a crater (drinking bowl), a candle, a platter of bread, a vessel of salt, and the book Thelema. Sphinx at entrance.

Angel banishes. Eagle purifies. Lion consecrates. Bull invokes (Hexagram). Sphinx moves to east of altar, facing West.

Sphinx: (knock) Let us celebrate the festival of the Vernal Equinox. (knock) In the name of the Lord of the Universe, I proclaim that the password ___ is abrogated. (pause) Let us consecrate according to ancient custom the return of the Equinox.

Angel: Light

Eagle: Darkness

Angel: East

Eagle: West

Angel: Air

Eagle: Water

Sphinx (knocks): I am the Reconciler between them.

All make Sign of the Enterer towards altar.

Lion: Heat

Bull: Cold

Lion: South

Bull: North

Lion: Fire

Bull: Earth

Sphinx (knocks): I am the Reconciler between them.

All make Sign of Silence towards altar.

Angel: One Creator

Lion: One Preserver

Eagle: One Destroyer

Bull: One Redeemer

Sphinx (knocks): One Reconciler between them.

All make Sign of Enterer followed by Sign of Silence.

Angel (goes to West of Altar): With the Password ___ I lay down my Sword. (picks up censer and returns)

Eagle (goes to West of Altar): With the Password ___ I lay down my Cup. (picks up crater and returns)

Bull (goes to West of Altar): With the Password ___ I lay down my Disk. (picks up bread and returns)

Lion (goes to West of Altar): With the Password ___ I lay down my Wand. (picks up candle and returns)

All face East.

Angel (gives Sign of Air and then raises censer above head): Let us adore the Lord and King of Air! Shaddai El Chai! Almighty and ever-living One, be Thy Name ever magnified in the Life of All. Amen!

All face South.

Lion (gives Sign of Fire and then raises candle above head): Let us adore the Lord and King of Fire! Tetragrammaton Tzabaoth! Blessed be Thou! The Leader of Armies is Thy Name! Amen!

All face West.

Eagle (gives Sign of Water and then raises crater above head): Let us adore the Lord and King of Water! Elohim Tzabaoth! Elohim of Hosts! Glory be to the Ruach Elohim which moved upon the Face of the Waters of Creation! Amen!

All face North.

Bull (gives Sign of Earth and then raises bread above head): Let us adore the Lord and King of Earth! Aonai ha Aretz, Adonai Melekh, unto Thee be the Kingdom, the Scepter, and the Splendor: Malkuth, Geburah, Gedulah, The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. Amen!


Can the vessel of fear, fragility, or that which is of a determined proportion, lift up himself, heave up his hands, or gather the Sun into his bosom? Lord it cannot be: Lord my imperfection is great: Lord I am less than sand: Lord, thy good Angels and Creatures excel me by far, for our proportion is not alike: our sense agreeth not: Notwithstanding I am comforted; For we all have one God, all one beginning from thee, and all respect thee as Creator: Therefore I will call upon thy name, and in thee, I will become mighty. Thou shalt light me, and I will become a Seer; I will see thy Creatures, and will magnify thee amongst them. Those that come into thee have the same gate, and through the same gate, descend those that thou sendest. Behold, I will offer my house, my labor, my heart and soul, If it will please thy Angels to dwell with me, and I with them; to rejoice with me, that I may rejoice with them; to minister unto me, that I may magnify thy name.

Then, lo, these Tables I offer unto thee, and unto thy holy Angels, desiring them through thy holy names: As thou art their light and comfort, so they will be my light and comfort. Lord they prescribe not laws unto thee, thus it is not meet that I prescribe laws unto them: What it pleases them to offer unto me, I will receive. Behold, O Lord, if I shall call them in thy name, be it unto me in mercy, as unto the servant of the Highest. Let them also manifest unto me, Howsoever I shall call them, and at whatever time.

O Lord, Is there any who is mortal that can measure the heavens? How, therefore, can the heavens enter into man's imagination? Thy Creatures are the Glory of thy countenance and thereby thou glorifiest all things, but this Glory excelleth and is far above my understanding. It is great wisdom, to speak with Kings according to one's understanding: But to command Kings is not wisdom, unless it come from thee. Behold Lord, How shall I ascend into the heavens? The air will not carry me, but resisteth my folly, I fall down, for I am of the earth. Therefore, O thou very Light and true Comfort, that canst command the heavens; Behold I offer these Tables unto thee, Command them as it pleaseth thee: and O you Ministers, and true lights of understanding, who govern this earthly frame, and the elements wherein we live, Do for me as for the servant of the Lord. For unto me it has pleased the Lord to talk of you.

Behold, Lord, thou hast appointed me 50 times; Thrice 50 times will I lift my hands unto thee. Be it unto me as it pleaseth thee, and thy holy Ministers. I require nothing but thee, and through thee, and for thy honor and glory: But I hope I shall be satisfied, and shall not die, (As thou hast promised) until thou gather the clouds together, and judge all things. And in that moment I shall be changed and dwell with thee forever.

Officers return sacraments to altar. All make Sign of Enterer and Sign of Silence towards altar.


Ma-dri-ax di-es praf LIL, kis mi-ka-olz sah-nir ka-oz-go, od fi-fis bal-ziz-ras Ya-id-a! Non-sa go-hu-lim: Mik-ma a-do-i-an Mad, ya-od bli-orb, So-ba oh-a-o-na kis lu-sif-ti-as pe-rip-sol; Di-es ab-rah-sa nonsf ne-tah-ib ka-os-ji, od tilb ad-faht dam-ploz, toh-at nonsf ji mi-kalz o-ma, el-razd tof-glo marb yar-ry I-do-i-go; od tor-zulp ya-o-daf, go-hul: ka-oz-ga, ta-bahrd sah-nir, od kris-te-os ir-poil ti-obl, buz-dir tilb no-aln pa-id orz-ba od dod-erm-ni zil-na. El-zap tilb, parm ji pe-rip-sax, od ta kwerlst boh-a-pis. El ni-bem, u-cho simp; od kris-te-os ag tol-torn mirk kwa ti-obl lel. Ton pahmbd, dilz-mo as-pi-an; od kris-te-os ag el tor-torn pa-rak a simp. Kord-ziz, dod-pal od fi-falz el sme-nad; od farjt, bams o-ma-was. Ko-nis-bra od a-va-vox, to-nug. Orz-ka ti-bel, no-as-mi tab-jes le-vith-mong; un-chi omp tilb orz. Bag-le? Moh-ah ol kord-ziz. El ka-pi-ma-o ix-o-max-ip, od ka ko-kazb go-sah; bag-len pi ti-an-ta a ba-ba-lond, od farjt te-loc vo-vim. Mad-ri-ax, tor-zu! O-ad-ri-ax o-ro-cha, a-bo-ap-ri. Ta-bah-ri pri-az ar ta-bas; ad-r-pan kors ta do-bix; yol-cam pri-a-zi ar ko-a-zi-or, od kwazb kwe-ting. Ri-pir pa-oxt sa-ga kor; u-mel od per-dzar, ka-kerj a-oi-ve-ai kormpt. Tor-zu, za-car, od zam-ran aspt sib-si but-mo-na, di-es sur-zas Ti-a bal-tan; o-do si-kle kwah, od o-zaz-ma pla-pli yad-na-mad.

Sphinx performs bibliomancy on Thelema.

Lion comes to West of altar. Sphinx points out the Password to Lion.

Lion: The new Password is ___.

Sphinx returns to his station by the entrance.


I am the child of all who am the father of all, for from me come forth all things, that I might be. I am the fountain in the snows, and I am the eternal sea. I am the lover, and I am the beloved, and I am the first- fruits of their love. I am the first faint shuddering of the Light, and I am the loom wherein night weaveth her impenetrable veil.

I am the captain of the hosts of eternity; of the swordsmen and the spearmen and the bowmen and the charioteers. I have led the armies of the east against the armies of the west, and the armies of the west against the armies of the east. For I am Peace.

My groves of olive were planted by an harlot, and my horses were bred by a thief. I have trained my vines upon the spears of the Most High, and with my laughter have I slain a thousand men.

With the wine in my cup have I mixed the lightnings, and I have carved my bread with a sharp sword.

With my folly have I undone the wisdom of the Magus, even as with my judgments I have overwhelmed the universe. I have eaten the pomegranate in the House of Wrath, and I have crushed out the blood of my mother between mill-stones to make bread.

There is nothing that I have not trampled beneath my feet. There is nothing that I have not set a garland on my brow. I have wound all things about my waist as a girdle. I have hidden all things in the cave of my heart. I have slain all things because I am Innocence. I have lain with all things because I am Untouched Virginity. I have given birth to all things because I am Death.

Stainless are my lips, for they are redder than the purple of the vine, and of the blood wherewith I am intoxicated. Stainless is my forehead, for it is whiter than the wind and the dew that cooleth it.

I am light, and I am night, and I am that which is beyond them.

I am speech, and I am silence, and I am that which is beyond them.

I am life, and I am death, and I am that which is beyond them.

I am war, and I am peace, and I am that which is beyond them.

I am weakness, and I am strength, and I am that which is beyond them.

Yet by none of these can man reach up to me. Yet by each of them must man reach up to me.

Thou shalt laugh at the folly of the fool. Thou shalt learn the wisdom of the Wise. And thou shalt be initiate in holy things. And thou shalt be learned in the things of love. And thou shalt be mighty in the things of war. And thou shalt be adept in things occult. And thou shalt interpret the oracles. And thou shalt drive all these before thee in thy car, and though by none of these canst thou reach up to me, yet by each of these must thou attain to me. And thou must have the strength of the lion, and the secrecy of the hermit. And thou must turn the wheel of life. And thou must hold the balances of Truth. Thou must pass through the great Waters, a Redeemer. Thou must have the tail of the scorpion, and the poisoned arrows of the Archer, and the dreadful horns of the Goat. And so shalt thou break down the fortress that guardeth the Palace of the King my son. And thou must work by the light of the Star and of the Moon and of the Sun, and by the dreadful light of judgment that is the birth of the Holy Spirit within thee. When these shall have destroyed the universe, then mayest thou enter the palace of the Queen my daughter.

Blessed, blessed, blessed; yea, blessed; thrice and four times blessed is he that hath attained to look upon thy face. For I will hurl thee forth from my presence as a whirling thunderbolt to guard the ways, and whom thou smitest shall be smitten indeed. And whom thou lovest shall be loved indeed. And whether by smiting or by love thou workest, each one shall see my face, a glimmer through a thousand veils. And they shall rise up from love's sleep or death's, and gird themselves with a girdle of snake-skin for wisdom, and they shall wear the white tunic of purity, and the apron of flaming orange for will, and over their shoulders shall they cast the panther's skin of courage. And they shall wear the nemyss of secrecy and the ateph crown of truth. And on their feet shall they put sandals made of the skin of breasts, that they may trample upon all they were, yet also that its toughness shall support them, and protect their feet, as they pass upon the mystical way that lieth through the pylons. And upon their breasts shall be the Rose and Cross of light and life, and in their hands the hermit's staff and lamp. Thus shall they set out upon the never-ending journey, each step of which is an unutterable reward.

Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy; yea, thrice and four times holy art thou, because thou hast attained to look upon my face; not by my favour only, not by thy magick only, may this be won. Yet it is written: “Unto the persevering mortal the blessed Immortals are swift.”

Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty; yea, thrice and four times mighty art thou. He that riseth up against thee shall be thrown down, though thou raise not so much as thy little finger against him. And he that speaketh evil against thee shall be put to shame, though thy lips utter not the littlest syllable against him. And he that thinketh evil concerning thee shall be confounded in his thought, although in thy mind arise not the least thought of him. And they shall be brought unto subjection unto thee, and serve thee, though thou willest it not. And it shall be unto them a grace and a sacrament, and ye shall all sit down together at the supernal banquet, and ye shall feast upon the honey of the gods, and be drunk upon the dew of immortality – FOR I AM HORUS, THE CROWNED AND CONQUERING CHILD, WHOM THOU KNEWEST NOT!

Pass thou on, therefore, O thou Prophet of the Gods, unto the Cubical Altar of the Universe; there shalt thou receive every tribe and kingdom and nation into the mighty Order that reacheth from the frontier fortresses that guard the Uttermost Abyss unto My Throne.

Lion then takes up the Wand.

Lion: By the Password ___ I claim my Wand. (He goes to the East as Angel comes to center.)

Angel: By the Password ___ I claim my Sword. (She goes to the West as Eagle comes to center.)

Eagle: By the Password ___ I claim my Cup. (She goes to the North as Bull comes to center.)

Bull: By the Password ___ I claim my Disk. (He goes to the South.)

Lion: Fire

Eagle: Water

Angel: Air

Bull: Earth

Lion: Courage

Eagle: Silence

Angel: Knowledge

Bull: Will

Lion: Light

Eagle: Love

Angel: Liberty

Bull: Life

Sphinx leads all: A ka dua/tuf ur biu/bi a’a chefu/dudu ner af an nuteru.

Sphinx: We gather in Thy Holy Name;
Adore Thee in the Mystic Sign.
Incense and wine and bread and flame:
True sacraments of the Divine.

Lion comes to the west of the altar, and is offered the four sacraments by the Sphinx. Sphinx returns to his position by the entrance, and Lion moves to the east of the altar to offer sacraments to the Eagle. Each of the officers, then the rest of the people, communicates in turn. Sphinx accepts sacraments from the last person. All this is accomplished in silence.

Sphinx (returns to his place): We now release any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony. Depart in peace to your abodes and habitations and dwell with the blessings of the Crowned and Conquering Child forever.

Bull performs banishing Hexagram.

Angel performs banishing Pentagram.

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The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

**Re: A Vernal Equinox Rite**
by Jon Auviere on Wednesday March 21, @12:28PM

Lo! & a toast to the rite!

But can anyone tell me why in the beginning the sphinx proclaims “that the password ___ is abrogated.”???

Re: A Vernal Equinox Rite\\
by <Xnoubis> on Wednesday March 21, @12:35PM
As a practical matter, it is a tradition amongst some magical groups that the passwords are changed at the Equinox. Accordingly, the old password is abrogated at the beginning, the officers lay down their weapons in the name of the old password, the connection with the subtle forces is renewed, a new password is declared, and the officers resume their weapons in the name of the new password.\\
And thanks to Kallah for reminding me that the changing of the password also symbolizes the changing of the direction of the forces at the moment of the Equinox.\\

Re: A Vernal Equinox Rite\\
by Tim Maroney on Wednesday March 21, @03:12PM\\
Do the passwords have any practical application?\\

Re: A Vernal Equinox Rite\\
by <Xnoubis> on Wednesday March 21, @03:24PM
Maybe in some groups they're really used as passwords, i.e., if you don't know the current one, everybody knows you're a spy. I've never actually seen that.\\
I do like the way that passwords ceremonially assert that the next six months can be treated as some kind of discrete entity. Sort of the opposite sentiment to “same old, same old.”\\

Word of the Equinox\\
by Metu Tchetta on Wednesday March 21, @04:55PM
Yeah, the original GD changed its password (∴ the secret word for admission to the Neophyte temple) every six months, and it was a functional password.\\
In A∴A∴, Crowley seemed to issue the Word of the Equinox as more of an oracle of a magick formula pertaining to the six-month period.\\
93 93/93\\

Re: Word of the Equinox\\
by Paradoxos Alpha on Wednesday March 21, @05:10PM
The Skew-wise Word of this Equinox at Scarlet Woman Lodge was found to be “possessor,” from bibliomancy on a copy of Chicago May, as performed by Three Initiates in Funny Hats.\\
All Words are in some sense true, in some sense false, in some sense meaningless, in some sense imaginary, in some sense true and false, in some sense true and meaningless, in some sense true and imaginary, in some sense false and meaningless, in some sense false and imaginary, in some sense meaningless and imaginary, in some sense true, false and meaningless, in some sense true, false and imaginary, in some sense false, imaginary and meaningless, and in some sense, true, false, meaningless and imaginary.\\
Lege! Judica! Tace!\\
93 93/93\\

  • |Re: Word of the Equinox\\
    by <Shader> on Wednesday March 21, @07:37PM

    words are wise, wicked, black, other, weird,red\\
    strange, odd, words within words, revolutionary,\\
    and evolutionary, wyrd, kaos and not, dark and not, thelemic and not, hold significance and don't, words are not and all, the WORD is an imposter, a Word could be the AEON, perhaps the end of, a word for nothing and nothing for a ( )\\
    are a replacement for ego and some, are culture\\
    bound, and then some, are funny and not, are a\\
    facade' for Spirit which in this case is a word,\\
    Lashtal is a combination of words, word thingies,\\
    and word mirrors to reality, an impossible word\\
    that nevertheless exists in four dimentions before your very eyes, the word art of universal breathing words of never and forever, word in the\\
    nothing beginning and word in the nothing loving end…word you!!! middle, I AM a WORD, say me!\\
    slid my sound over your tongue like a sexy forbidden fruit of good and evil…language is a serpent eating it's own tail…into the core and spark! death is an unword, life is a fast word…\\
    anatta, Kia, IAO, Pan, shadow word, void, abyss,\\
    Non-rational, NUN, netter, Daath, mind, zero sum\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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