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  Surf Your Way to Nothing

Self Realization Posted by Maxon Pall on Wednesday April 04, @08:50AM
from the net-loss dept.

The recent availabilty of the internet has become a blessing and a curse to those of the 'occult' bent. How many hours do you spend reading about Thelema and Crowley vs. the amount of hours spent doing something? I believe Crowley would laugh at our preoccupation with unlimited information. Notice I said “information” and not “knowledge,” for nobody ever attained enlightenment from a mass of information. I, too, fall sway to the siren's song and spend too much time reading what others have to say about . . . whatever. We have become a group of intellectual masturbators. We are no better than the crusty old men who sit and debate everything (while smoking a pipe) and yet do nothing.

The information becomes a drug. We must have more and more, faster and faster. If the internet doesn't offer it up for free, our credit card will bring the book/video to us (with the promise of more/better information). The curriculum of true mastery of the self requires hard work. We should not spend the time debating, but instead working towards perfection. We have but a short time. Do pranyama, do the LBRP or the Star Ruby, do meditation, just do something. We can read when it's time for bed. Of course, reading is essential to the work, but we must work hard, even blindly. Just work. Turn off the monitor and do something. Put down the pipe and the sherry and create yourself. The clock is ticking . . .

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**Re: Surf Your Way to Nothing**
by Jon Auviere on Wednesday April 04, @12:09PM

But I am doing Yoga while I'm meditating while I'm reading and posting. All ways to perfection require a break now and then.

**Re: Surf Your Way to Nothing**
by Rafael Kitover on Wednesday April 04, @12:17PM

I personally spend no hours reading about Thelema or Crowley, not because I don't care but because I find the ceiling, or the stars much more interesting, or poetry, or a good movie. The only things I read on the internet are those I'm specifically looking for, for the most part.

I have tried doing the LBRP/meditating/Resh on a regular basis, but didn't understand the practices sufficiently to get a great deal of benefit from them. Or maybe I did get some benefit from them, but just got bored of them and was doing them too half-heartedly, and will return to them again, no big deal.

Yoga was very cool though, strengthens nerves and gives a good stretch besides. Something I prefer doing when I have the time.

Anyway, the crown is not waiting to descend upon my head once I go off into the forest and meditate all day or hang myself by the testicles from the ceiling. Besides there is no crown.

There is one other important ritual, that of getting up in the morning, being nice to those around us, conquering our own world, leading victorious armies. Aristotle's definition of happiness was fullfilling our purpose as reasoning beings. Forget true will, just do what you're good at, that can sometimes involve a bit of searching, but something is always already there.

Anyway, if what you're doing (or not doing) makes you happy, do that, and only change those things that will make you happier.

If you're reading about Thelema because life is too heavy and it provides some sort of escape, you should be reading this instead: http:%%//%%www.utm.edu/research/iep/text/epictet/epicench.htm or this: http:%%//%%www.jtrapp.com/marcus.html.

Study nothing, do nothing, unless it leads to truer understanding. In other words, do what you feel like, and your feelings will lead you to where you want to go.


**Re: Surf Your Way to Nothing**
by matt vaughn on Wednesday April 04, @05:45PM


good advice my man…and im only wasting my time
posting on the net to say im getting off now to
get to work…

93 93/93

**Re: Surf Your Way to Nothing**
by <Zach> on Thursday April 05, @02:26AM

I think by including my email address I'm saying something about my relationship to the information explosion. And I doubt what's being said is complimentary.
Some good advice on the whole, however, are we to discount the way of information entirely in favour of personal sprititual persuits? (not neccesarily arguing against) I've often thought that out of emerging methods of communication will come a clearer understanding of self. Certainly being able to read what has come first/before gives us tremendous avenues of expression to explore. As long as we don't just sit blandly absorbing what we see and hear, but rather be inspired to continue our own journey with fresh percpectives to (perhaps) guide us. It's certainly something I'm willing to try, ever mindful as I am of alienation. But I'll never retreat entirely inside the information, much as I am reluctant to retreat entirely inside the mind (for prolonged periods at any rate).
I think I'd say that, the pipe and sherry are ok, as long as we don't start to cough uncontrollably or get too drunk.
Words meant as kind.



**Re: Surf Your Way to Nothing**
by <Xnoubis> on Monday April 09, @06:48PM

I had to laugh at the synchronicity. We post an article called “Surf Your Way to Nothing” and then we go off-line for days. Meaning that there were days when anybody aiming at this URL surfed their way to nothing. Almost eerie…

**Re: Surf Your Way to Nothing**
by <Pavo> on Tuesday April 10, @12:48AM

I guess I just don't see the crisis here. I feel like you have stuck us in a barrel and then shot at us in it. Do you know us and are responding to what we are actually doing in our lives, or did you just surf in and decide to label us as slackers and “intellectual masturbators” without provocation? This is your first post to Beast Bay, and I would certainly hope that you would at least stop by, say hello, and get to know who you are talking to before making sweeping generalizations about us and the rest of the Magickal community.

May I suggest that instead of your liberal use of “we” statements that you speak for yourself and don't presume that we all apply to your concept-based argument.

Yes, the clock is ticking, and I consider this to be time well-spent.


  • |Re: Surf Your Way to Nothing\\
    by Maxon Pall on Tuesday April 10, @06:53AM

    Sorry, I meant I was a masturbator. Didn't mean to imply that anyone else was. I was speaking for myself. If the shoe fits wear it. If not, go barefooted. See you later, I've got some mental/genital work to do.\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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