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  Aleister Crowley and Jabba the Hut

Weirdness Posted by <Pavo> on Thursday May 10, @02:28PM
from the gospel-according-to-luke-skywalker dept.

Simon Gerrard is a follower of the ideas of David Icke who is bent on spreading the news to the world that the ruling families of the world through history are part of a single bloodline which is decended from a band of reptilian aliens that invaded the Earth long ago. This is not a joke – some people really believe this.

Gerard's site Draco Art and Ancient Subliminals has a wide and varied collection of pictures in which he has claimed to found the subliminal images that the “Draco crowd” (the aliens) have planted as part of their conspiracy to control our minds and tap our spiritual and physical energy.

He has found evidence of alien tampering in images of the Princess Diana crash site, Pope John-Paul II, and an ancient engraving of the God Oannes (in which he seems to see an image of Boba Fett). Sadly, many of the images for this site do not load, but fortunately the part of the site concerning Crowley is fully functional.

The Crowley section is called “Aleister Crowley – Occult Fraudster”. After a reposting of an article from the now defunct Brother Blue website, Gerrard launches into a rant about how Crowley assisted the aliens in their dastardly deeds. The following is a tasty sample of his writing:

So who were these entites [sic]? The attached biography casts doubt on the veracity of Crowley's communications from several of the discarnate entities, even suggesting a sort of theatrical deception using manipulation of nature's enegetic [sic] secrets in ways we do not understand but they did. Furthermore, there is the inference that the sources were not so much discarnate as incarnate and from other tangible 3D realities of our cosmos, none of which Crowley saw fit to disclose in any detail, along with his cohorts. Entites [sic] from the Orion and Syrian [sic] star systems fit the profile, as do those of the Alpha Draconi [sic]. You will see images of them later.

Why? The 'alien' need for discretion (read deception) and exploitation of us assisted by selfish people like Crowley is a question I beleieve [sic] I have answered from the conclusions in my Hitler data. Basically it was about securing all sources of free energy (etheric or temporal) to sustain their conscious and material viability for a continuing existence. We were irrelevant to their cause, otherwise.

. . . etc.

After this we are a treated to a number of links leading to well-known Crowley photographs in which Gerrard has “found” the subliminal alien images. My favorite one of these is the one in which he has found the picture of Jabba the Hut.

Enjoy, and remember, some people actually believe this stuff.

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**Re: Aleister Crowley and Jabba the Hut**
by <Nexist> on Thursday May 10, @10:41PM

Pretty funny stuff. I feel much better about believing in the existence of Deities & Spirits & related Boojum.

Btw, just because people believe it doesn't mean it isn't a joke. ;)

  • |Re: Aleister Crowley and Jabba the Hut\\
    by <Pavo> on Saturday May 12, @10:44PM\\|

    Good point.\\

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