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  Transpersonal Peer Counseling

Self Realization Posted by <Xnoubis> on May 21, 2001 @ 10:15 PM
from the couching-towards-Bethlehem dept.

Transpersonal psychology has been defined as “the field of psychology which integrates psychological concepts, theories, and methods with the subject matter and practices of the spiritual disciplines” (Davis). Peer counseling (also called “Co-Counseling”) has been described as “the use of active listening and problem-solving skills to counsel people who are our peers, peers in age, status, and knowledge” (D'Andrea & Salovey, cited in NINR).

Is a transpersonal peer counseling possible?

In my preliminary investigations, the closest thing I find to it is Eugene T. Gendlin's Focusing technique, in that it can be practiced in partnerships and is sometimes considered to have spiritual applications. But it wouldn't surprise me to learn that there are communities of Thelemites who already have experience with this concept.

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**Re: Transpersonal Peer Counseling**
by Leroy Rouge on Monday May 21, @10:52PM

Hal and Sidra Stone's 'Voice Dialogue' technology may be an example of this.

Initially practitioners are taught to isolate specific 'voices' within their own and other's psyches as a therapeutic technique. It is rather Jungian, in that the work is considered integrative, and works great with 'Shadow' material of various kinds.

After learning to 'dialogue' with ones subconscious, or disowned voices, the facilitation of the 'voices' of overtly transpersonal entities, such as godforms or other mythic characters, is introduced into the curriculum.

This is very powerful shit, not only to be considered as an effective invocation method but also a profound developer of relationship and negotiation skills.

This technology is also practised in partnership, and the spiritual applications seem pretty obvious to me. I personally see a lot of parallels with GOETIA but that's another thread I suppose.


The woman who trained me is in Colorado now, Lynn Something, but she used to teach this stuff at Temenos, there in the Bay Area, you lucky dogs, now known as 'The Pathways Institute,' and as far as I know you can still get training from them.

It's pricey but worth it for the serious student of evocatory technique.

Re: Transpersonal Peer Counseling\\
by Micha deBarca on Tuesday May 22, @07:34AM
'Solve and Coagula', but in another manner.\\
Kind of dangerous, don't you think?\\
The disowning of whatever voice comes at a price,\\
one had better release it so its energy benefits\\
your organism (for it's usually a negative, dead weight, like old emotional defensive constructs that have lost their function).\\
Methinks. =)\\

  • |Re: Transpersonal Peer Counseling\\
    by cri hoor 217 on Tuesday May 22, @02:49PM

    experiance is experiance, no matter how you codify\\
    it, bag it, tag it, shag it, frag it, compartmentalize it, psych it out, mash it, hash it, trash it, magus it, digitalize it, info war it, demonize it, demoralize it, dam it, crusify it, caliphate it, second rate it, Crowely holy it,\\
    nationalize it, politisize it, mangel it, mutilate it, pet theory analyize it, yuppify it,deify it, defy it, initiate it, banish it, be in denial about it, be on a big holier then thou trip about it, inject it, inspect it, drug war it, bottle it in nice neat new age Thelemite sauce, play hide and seek complicated transpersonal know-it-all now you see it now you don't games about it, tramsmute it, kill it, W Bush it, Beastbay it, play it again Sam it, bamboozel it, get in yr face and confront you about it, package it, smoke it, poop it, drop it,\\
    wave a flag about it,meditate it, draw pentagrams on it, make it into memes, put it in data banks and pretend that you are altrusitic, and then sell it back to me at an inflated price it, ect.\\
    but it's also how you release it, and bless it in its going!!!\\

**Re: Transpersonal Peer Counseling**
by Jon Auviere on Tuesday May 22, @04:07PM

Group TPC is done every Sunday; they call it xtianity. But what is meant by spiritual? For spiritual is a corruption of spiritism. Big words these concepts – are they to mask or reflect stale meat and resurrect it into a Frankenstein?
-oh these questions!

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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