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  Temple ov thee Lemur

Weirdness Posted by <Pavo> on Tuesday May 29, @01:10AM
from the look-foamward-angel dept.

Beer matters, or at least it does to these folks. This is a very funny site that I think many Beast Bay visitors will find entertaining. Yes, there's some Crowley weirdness here but there's much more.

Whether you're interested in the Beer Witch Project, the Temple's favorite chocolate milkshake recipe, or judging the best looking whelk from a varied selection, thee Temple ov thee Lemur has the thing for you.

For Crowley fans like us, there is also the quiz called "That's MR. Crowley to You, Arsehole". See how well you score.

But the most entertaining part of the site for me is the Cult of thee Week section in which the OTO was given an exposé on 5/20/00.

In this area, they have a brief summary on the OTO and ratings. The Order originally scored five flying saucers out of six in their rating system. It was docked a saucer because of their original perception that OTO folks were lacking in the beer department and not seeking world domination. However, someone from Ouroboros Oasis in San Diego chimed in and stated that “sweet wines that foam” counted as beer. The people of the Temple agreed and suitably made the upgrade to six flying saucers.


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**Re: Temple ov thee Lemur**
by Ned 93 on Thursday May 31, @10:36AM

This kind of thing makes me really mad, why do people make fun of things. Is nothing sacred IF i had my way it would be illegal to mock other people religions. Their site's not even funny and is american even although they claim to come from england. I've got as much of a sendse of humour as tjhe next guy but this stuff is just stupid and childish and not in anuy way funny.

  • |Re: Temple ov thee Lemur\\
    by <Mordecai> on Thursday May 31, @02:13PM

    Outlawing humor, even humor that isn't funny, seems rather antithetical to my idea of Thelema. Better to ignore it altogether.\\

  • |Re: Temple ov thee Lemur\\
    by Tim Maroney on Thursday May 31, @09:25PM

    Making it illegal to mock others' religions would prevent the publication of most of Crowley's work.\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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