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  The Nike Conspiracy

Weirdness Posted by Peter Grey on Saturday June 02, @07:11AM
from the sole's-journey dept.

By buying a new pair of trainers you are helping speed the Aeon of Horus to Victory. Nike are unaware that they are being controlled by Aiwass. But the truth is out there.

The sigilisation of the brand works like this. First there is the name ‘Nike’ the Greek Goddess of Victory. For those cabbalistically inclined she is also Malkuth, the Daughter. The feet are naturally ruled by Malkuth. The two shoes also show the double nature of the God that rules the new Aeon.

Nike, of course, has a gematria value of… 93.

The Name ‘Nike’ is then attached to a formula ‘Just do it’ this relationship is exactly the same as ‘Thelema’ and the slogan ‘Do What Thou Wilt’.

In the formula ‘Just do it’ we are not told what ‘IT’ is. We are just given the imperative to do ‘IT’. Our task is to discover what ‘IT’ is, and we find that by ‘doing’. Nike is the nemesis of armchair magickians.

This has been taken up with great enthusiasm by youth culture (even if they have not read the Book of Lies Chapters 31 and 49) who understand the urgency of actually doing IT. There is a sexual formula concealed here for the foot fetishists amongst you.

The metaphor Nike uses is to pursue sporting excellence and thus attain Kether. The first place or gold solar disk on the supernal podium is one way this is glyphed, but the rise of ‘free’ and ‘extreme’ sports has changed this Piscean model to the attaining of a personal perfection that does not need external recognition.

This can also explain the mess that Orders are in, from the Olympic Committee to the OTO. It is now man/woman versus the elements or environment (see AC’s poem The Pentagram for more hints on this and the role of Nike Air). Those watching the aeon unfold should look with interest on this cultural shift writ large in the mass media.

The Name and Slogan are then reduced and sigilised into the swoosh symbol reminding us of the Egyptian claim ‘Going is a name of God’ and ‘I am a God that goes’ as symbolised by the Ankh, or sandal strap, or trainer.

Thelemites should wear good trainers in order to fly or to smite without damaging their knee ligaments.

The swoosh is also a tick, an eternal YES! The Soldier that answers the Hunchback. Hadit can be glyphed as a Swoosh as well as a point. Some believe the swoosh may also be a stylised Lion Serpent /Spermatazoa.

More than this, Nike are trying to replace the sigil (swoosh) with a sound to deepen the enchantment, no doubt inspired by TOPY technology. The idea was to use the sound and show a picture of blue sky. The next stage was to remove the sound so that silence and emptiness recalls the whole ‘Just do IT’ formula.Nike therefore goes from Word to Formula to Symbol to Sound to Empty Blue Sky. Or, from Speech to Silence fulfilling the formula of Horus and Harpocrates. As is written in the Book of The Law ‘My colour is black to the blind, but blue and gold are seen of the seeing’. The gold is the now invisible swoosh that is the point in the circle, the foot in the trainer, and the eye in the triangle.

Nike the daughter is thus revealed to be Nuit or NU-IT. We are therefore ensigilised into doing our wills by simply seeing the sky.

Before you buy your Nikes to achieve enlightenment, it must be remembered that they must be left in a neat pair at the edge of the abyss. You will alas, have to make the final leap without them. The sandals are a vital magickal weapon. Choose Nike, even if they are unaware that Aiwass is controlling them.

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**Re: The Nike Conspiracy**
by Do Easy on Sunday June 10, @09:47AM

Direct support of this multinational hastens victory? Yep, as its written: The slaves shall serve.

**Re: The Nike Conspiracy**
by <giromancer> on Wednesday August 01, @09:33PM

..1. Man has the right to live by his own law
to live in the way that he wills to do:
to work as he will:
to rest as he will; …“

wonder if the asain worker making their shoes for peanuts has these rights!!!!





  • |Re: The Nike Conspiracy\\
    by <giromancer> on Wednesday September 05, @05:05PM

    besides…if there is a TRULY thelemic sports brand its got to be HEAD..i mean look at the logo..a curved u shape over a point…surely a logo for the STELE OF REVEALING!\\

  The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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