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  Syberberg's Parsifal

Art Posted by <Marfiza> on Wednesday June 13, @12:23AM
from the chalice-from-the-palace dept.

Recently, some of us gathered at the home of one of us to see the Hans-Jurgen Syberberg film of Wagner's Parsifal. Here's an article about that film both for those who were there, and those who weren't.

Watching this production gave me a whole new perspective, not just on Parsifal, but on our very own EGC Gnostic Mass. It so affected me that I think it ought to be required viewing for anyone who's serious about officiating at Gnostic Mass.

Anybody else seen it? Wanna talk about it? Praise/diss it?

Additionally, the rest of the "Montsalvat" site has some really interesting and absorbing material on the opera. I recommend it too, but only if you have an afternoon to spend. ;)

Ho! for the Sangraal!

     - M (a ho for the Sangraal ;)

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