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  Ego vs. Pride

Self Realization Posted by Frater Tehuti on Saturday August 04, @08:10PM
from the I-ful-tower dept.

There is a difference between pride and egotism which many do not see, or perhaps refuse to acknowledge. (Or am I making this up?) What then are these things called pride and egotism? Certainly they both acknowledge a state of being. But what are these states of being?

Pride is a form of inward content, which assuredly shows itself passively in action, deed, and personality, among other things. To be is enough for pride. Egotism, however, requires more. Egotism is a state of pride which is weak.

Egotism is not content with being and becoming. It requires an outward show, as if to test its worth. Pride is simply contentment in being. An elated sense of being content.

It is apparent by this definition that egotism is not content, but needs further reassurance by the acknowledgement and praise of others. Pride needs nothing more than self-contentment and acknowledgement. Egotism flaunts itself, showing what it has. Pride elates itself, being what it is.

Egotism, thus, has something to prove, whereas pride is manifest from that which has already proven itself. The ego must submit itself to scrutiny and prove itself sound. Pride is a sort of accomplishment, a proof established. The man who throws around his excess of money does so to attempt to prove his success. It is not enough that he has met with success. He does not look at his accomplishments, but the reward thereof. He denies himself pride for the weakness of egotism.

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**Re: Ego vs. Pride**
by <Will> on Sunday August 05, @10:34PM

When writing about pride, it's always nice to clarify between pride as in self respect/assuredness and pride as in taking satisfaction in a particular object/event. The first can coexist with humility, while the second is not much different from an egotism that does not require external validation.

Re: Ego vs. Pride\\
by Frater Tehuti on Monday August 06, @11:27AM
Can pride as in self respect/assuredness not manifest from taking satisfaction in a particular object/event. For example, you win a game of chess, and are very elated by it, however vanity doesn't come into play, you are simply proud that you have conquered the challenge. In great humility and reverence, you congratulate the other player. Perhaps you even feel a sense of respect for how well your opponent did even if he did not win.\\

  • |Re: Ego vs. Pride\\
    by <Will> on Monday August 06, @08:14PM

    Can pride as in self respect/assuredness not manifest from taking satisfaction in a particular object/event.\\
    I'm not particularly certain how to respond to this as I'm not skilled at arguing semantics. Maybe the best that I can do is present something and see if it works.\\
    If I base my self respect on my abilities then it is founded on shaky ground. There are any number of things that could take away my ability to throw a good fastball or cook a 5-star meal. Once that ability is gone, there is no longer a foundation for pride.\\
    If I base my self respect on besting an opponent, then again, I am building on sand. How am I to know what caused my win? Did my opponent throw the game? Was he not that skilled? Am I good at this task? For the first two, there is no reason for increased self respect other than egotism. For the third, see the prior paragraph.\\
    Although I may be chastized for my source, I point out 1 John 2:16-17 “pride in possession is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world, with all its disordered desires, is passing away.” All this is Maya. It all fades away in time.\\
    Pride as self respect/assuredness must come from an understanding that you, me, every one of us is a star in the body of Nuit. Regardless of our abilities or disabilities, we all are a part of divinity. When we forget this, when we base our pride or self-respect on the car we drive, the grades we get, the shoes we wear, then we enter into a depressed state of mind.\\

**Re: Ego vs. Pride**
by Frater Tehuti on Tuesday August 07, @01:45PM

Well put and good point(S). I hope more people become willing to include their input on this idea as well.

**Re: Ego vs. Pride**
by the Reverend Rob on Tuesday August 07, @04:49PM

I'm still trying to figure out why the definitions of the words in question as presented in the dictionary are inaccurate; instead of attempting to redefine (and confuse and conflate) the issue, why not just create more specific terms?

As it stands, there really isn't much to debate, discuss, or consider, since the definitions you present don't leave any real room for discussion.

**Re: Ego vs. Pride**
by Fra THA;M on Tuesday August 07, @07:41PM

An ego-abscess results when one has failed to squeeze every last drop of blood into the cup of Babalon, and as a consequence have not given up all of their 'attainments' and the glories of their history. On the other hand, revel in actions of the present, raise yourself up in pride, and if individuals deign to condemn you, spit upon and revile them: for whining and moralizing is performed by those who sit on the jewel encrusted throne of the ego themselves. Curses be upon them.

**It was a Dark and Stormy Night...**
by King Knave on Thursday August 09, @04:28PM

To: Nobodaddy
(apologies to Wm. Blake)

Upon reading Frater Tehutis' ruminations of Pride and Egoism, I was inspired to be reminded of some scrawl that poured from my head a while ago one Dark and Stormy Night.

Having achieved the mindset that eve, I proceeded to gaze deep into the rearview mirror… and the steam-filled pourling that was the result…I call,“Some things I've learned by 34”

(your indulgence is required)

The search for Wisdom is a search for
the fine tuning of a good and righteous heart.
Wisdom is a constantly updated guide book
to Life, delivered in bits and pieces, in puzzles
and experiences, gathered in a sermon that is
lifelong, often given to you by multitudes of
people who appear within your life
at the needed time.


Seek Wisdom. Pray for Guidance.
Learn from the Wisdom of Mistakes.
Slow down enough to hear the directions.
The Universe is on your Side-don't fight it.

~Evervolving Angels appear on the
righthand side of the throne.
Evervolving angles in the arche-texture
breathe life into the lecture~

If drawn to explore your shadow, do so and get the hell out. Don't linger, for your darkside has a gravity that can easily drag you down.

Be wary of people peddeling power.

Enrich your power of chameleonship

Make an effort to adapt to yer surroundings instead of trying to impose yourself and be a Forceful Minority.

PRIDE KILLS- effectively, efficiently and most certainly. BlackPride, Badpride…misguided pride will destroy an intellect with surprising stealth. BlackPride causes deadly rages and can make a reasonable person act irrational

Public Service Announcement #1

I'd like to take this moment of your time to
talk about something that effects a very large
part of our civilization….

Hi, my name is Telly Bojangles and I'm here to tell you about the INDIVIDUALS # 1 Killer. Thats right, we're talking about PRIDE-pure and simple. Pride- black and ingrown is what landed me in prison. Disfiguring and soul scarring, it effects people from all walks of life. Dooo'nt get me wrong,Pride is a normal mindset, essential for good mental health and personal well-being. But for Gods Sakes don't let it get ingrown,infected…ugly. If you or someone you know has BlackPride… seekhelp. Before it's too late.

(voice-over) PRIDE…the ORIGINAL original sin.

Pride cometh before a fall

Envy cometh before a beating

Sloth goeth after a nice blow-job

Ignorance goeth right before pitching a fit

aaaand Greed…usually happens during a holiday meal.


Re: It was a Dark and Stormy Night…\\
by <Xnoubis> on Thursday August 09, @04:29PM
I was supposed to pass this along to this thread several days ago. Apologies to H.R.H. Knave.\\

Re: It was a Dark and Stormy Night…\\
by King Knave on Friday August 17, @07:07PM\\
tryin' to think of the other two deadly sins..,\\

  • |Re: It was a Dark and Stormy Night…\\
    by <Parlertriks> on Friday August 17, @10:28PM\\|

    definately sloth\\

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