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  Arabic Script

Magick Posted by <Marfiza> on Monday August 06, @12:20AM
from the cursive-the-prophet dept.

Had a Lesser Feast recently, and was given a really really excellent book as a gift: Arabic Script: Styles, Variants and Calligraphic Adaptations, by Gabriel Mandel Khan.

Each letter is treated individually, showing the different calligraphic styles in which it may be drawn, illustrating where in very stylized compositions it shows up – like the ba in bism'allah – and giving its numeric and elemental values according to the 'ilm al-Huruf (“science of the secrets of letters”). Finally, there's a section on different types of compositions – monograms, tugra, compositions in the shapes of things, and interestingly for our purposes, sorcerous talismans and the like.

It's an excellent book. Check it out.

     - M, learning to write her name in 7 different styles now. ;)

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