1. The Devil's Charter by Barnabe Barnes
  2. Secret Agent 666 by Richard B. Spence
  3. Music of a Distant Drum trans. by Bernard Lewis
  4. Puerilities trans. by Daryl Hine
  5. The Spike by Damien Broderick
  6. A.I. directed by Steven Spielberg
  7. The Complete Poems of Constantine P. Cavafy by Theoharis Constantine Theoharis
  8. The Queen's Conjurer by Benjamin Woolley
  9. The Greek Qabalah by Kieran Barry
  10. Open Society by George Soros
  11. Soul Without Shame by Byron Brown
  12. The Elements of the I Ching by Stephen Karcher, Ph.D.
  13. The Rite of Mars by Violet.
  14. Time, Space, and Knowledge by Tarthang Tulku.
  15. Maat Magick by Nema.
  16. The Pearl Beyond Price by A. H. Almass.