The upright pentacle has had various things mapped to it, not the least of which is the Vitruvian Man of DaVinci. The averse pentacle has also had things mapped to it, most commonly the goat's head. But, the points have all the correspondences of the elemental model, including the pentagrammaton, seasons, weapons, suits of the tarot, and so on.

The upright pentagram points toward the sky, a sign for that power of Sphinx associated with spirit by Levi and Crowley, to go; or, in other words the process of initiation, the inward journey. The Mayan's had a direction on the compass which was “inward”. Down and through was also the only way out of the Inferno.

The inverse pentagram is apparently imbalanced, but to stay in such a precarious position must needs coordination. This is the axis mundi again. The central point of spirit holding up the contending elements of manifestation. It's a freakin' dreidel.

“Dreidel, dreidel”

certainly tempting to see these two as the right-hand and left-hand paths.

but, tantra suggests that these are both useful paths toward attainment.

<blockquote>can't go against nature, because if you do. going against nature is part of nature too</blockquote>

everything is a manifestation of the divine, and the divine is in everything; as above so below.

i am human, and nothing human is alien to me

thich nhat hanh's call me by my true names.

– Correspondences

table of comparisons

degrees in MOE, including Kjetll's pentacle and the obligations from Crowley's notes

it's interesting to note here that the pentacle of invoking active spirit starts Minerval in earth. This is different than the order I typically think about when working in the Reclaiming tradition, for example the order of elements as discussed in the core class; which begins rather with east, air, dawn. i recall at this point a comment made by Gunther about the AA initiations beginning in Death, not like in O.T.O., and that more closely matches the order I'm used to from Reclaiming.

however, the ordering of minerval in earth doesn't really match the correspondences of elements to stages of life, where birth is in air. now, i can rationalize that the birth in minerval isn't the physical birth of a human, but the birth an awareness of the body of light, which could make sense here.

spirit to earth

prelim, intro, culture

earth to air

air to fire

fire to water

water to earth

and back to spirit

the hero's journey, return from liminality to mundane, but the world has changed

final table of correspondences from a ridiculous number of sources I've not kept track of for the most part.

spirit to earth




ground rules

earth to air


air to fire

fire to water

water to earth

earth to spirit

above - philosopher's stone

below - elixir of life

goddess herself / the divine within

iron and pearl

tree of life

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