Who am I?

so, baby, what do you do? what's your sign? what do you want to be when you grow up? is it a boy or girl?

doesn't matter what a person is doing. i want to know if they are happy or not.

so, who are you?

<blockquote>Do you want to meet the real me now? - mal</blockquote>

not what i do, but what i am; white collar, blue collar



agnostic, in the true sense

agnostic mystic

<blockquote>don't drink, don't smoke. what do you do?</blockquote>

but, what do i do after all? somehow switched from what i believed to what i do, not in the sense of a job; but in the sense of the ritual work i do. (like hutton's point about the work a community does being the most important for continuity)

started to be willing to call myself pagan

then i was willing to call myself a witch

left it behind, on a new path

am i willing to say I'm a thelemite?

am i willing to say I'm of the OTO?

what am i now? am i a ceremonial magician?

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