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The Meditations of Allan Bennett


Writings of Allan Bennett, Frater Iehi Aour, Bhikkhu Ananda Metteyya, Ananda Maitriya.

Charles Henry Allan Bennett (1872 — 1923) was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He was a friend, mentor and associate of author and occultist Aleister Crowley.

— From “Charles Henry Allan Bennett” on Wikipedia


The Writings of Allan Bennett

The Faith of the Future, (Sep. 1903), Buddhism, Vol 1 No 1. also]

In the Shadow of Shwé Dagon, (Sep. 1903), Buddhism, Vol 1 No 1. also]

Nibbāṇa, (Sep. 1903), Buddhism, Vol 1 No 1. also]

L’Envoi, (Sep. 1903), Buddhism, Vol 1 No 1. also]

The Thāthanābaing, (Dec. 1903), Buddhism, Vol 1 No 2. also]

Transmigration, (Dec. 1903), Buddhism, Vol 1 No 2. also]

The Law of Righteousness, (Mar. 1904), Buddhism, Vol 1 No 3. also]

Right Understanding (1913), Buddhist Review, No 5.


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Liber MMCCLXI, A Note on Genesis

Liber D, Sepher Sephiroth

The Training of the Mind (1911), The Equinox

Liber Israfel sub figurâ LXIV



Crowley, Aleister. Confessions of Aleister Crowley, Chapters 27,28,29,30,31,32,33.


“None of my writings, by the way, deal with the First Method; this is because I could never make headway with it; none at all. F[rater] Iehi Aour [Allan Bennett], on the other hand, was a wizard at it; he thought that some people could use that way, and others not.”

via Chapter XXXVII: Death—Fear—“Magical Memory” in Magick Without Tears


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Scholarship and Resources

Crow, J. L. (2008). The Bhikkhu and the Magus, Exploring Bennett’s Influence on Crowley in CESNUR, “Twenty Years and More: Research into Minority Religions, New Religious Movements and ‘the New Spirituality’‘ April 16-20, 2008, London, England. PDF

Crow, J. L. (2008). Allan Bennett & the Emergence of Buddhism in the West in Insight: The Journal of the Theosophical Society of England, 49.3 (Autumn 2008), 30-33.

Crow, J. L. (2008). The Unity of All Life: Ananda Metteyya’s View of Nature in The Middle Way: The Journal of the Buddhist Society [of England]. Serialized in 83.3 (November 2008), 131-137, & 83.4 (February 2009), 195-202. PDF

Photographs of Allan Bennett in the George Eastman archive: Thumbnails, Index


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