Reader's Advisory

A Beginner's Guide to Crowley - a work in progress (in PDF form) by Frater Julianus. Well worth your time, even if you've read MiTP front to back.

A Few Notes on Copyright Law - by Bkwyrm. Some things that any sensible person should know about copyright law, like who it applies to and when it's in effect. Also explains those nasty notes all over my essays about not taking things without asking first.

A Guide to Finding Occult Books - by Bkwyrm. Take one occultist. Mix with four years of Masters work in Library and Information Science. Add a lot of emails asking where people can find books reviewed on this website. Result will be this essay.

A Guide to Finding (Reliable) Rune Books - by Ingeborg. There are a lot of books on runes out there. How to separate the good, the bad, and the just plain awful.