An Introduction to Chaos Magick

An Introduction to Chaos Magick
by Savage, Adrian
Reviewed by Randall Bowyer

Categories: General Magick Chaos Magick

This over-priced and under-edited essay starts off with fifteen pages of goofy misconceptions about Satanism, Ceremonial Magick, and Wicca, then contrasts these three with Chaos Magick. Briefly, the author states that Chaos Magick is a free-form synthesis of Eastern religion and Western Magic, with a special emphasis on the techniques of Austin Spare. This may sound fairly typical of contemporary neopagan eclecticism, but we are assured that Chaos Magick is far superior to “the man-hating mouthings of the maxi-matriarchal Wiccans,” the gross stupidity of the Satanists, and especially the Ceremonial Magicians, who are too busy “licking the toes of their Aleister Crowley statues.” Sure, whatever.

Publisher Magickal Childe
Date 3/1989
ISBN 0939708132 0939708132 0939708132
Price $12.50