Art and Symbols of the Occult

Art and Symbols of the Occult
by Wasserman, James (ed.)
Reviewed by Randall Bowyer

Categories: General Magick Ceremonial Magick

It's an attractive occult coffee-table book, with slightly cooler pictures than most other occult coffee-table books. The text of course is Really Basic, in the way of such books. The author is obviously enthusiastic about Crowley (something rare in this genre), but still misquotes him just like King or Cavendish or Maple or those other guys. The dust jacket promises an “extensive bibliography of classical occult works,” which has perfidiously been replaced by a one-page reading-list. Oh well, it still looks nice on my coffee-table.

Publisher Inner Traditions International Limited
Date 5/1993
ISBN 0892814152 0892814152 0892814152
Price $19.95