Candle Magick: a Guide for the Novice

Candle Magick
by Auer, J.E.
Reviewed by Bkwyrm

Categories: General Magick Paganism - Other Ceremonial Magick

Subtitled “a Guide for the Novice”. This isn't a Pagan book, per se. It's for anyone who wants to try candle magick. The introduction covers the Craft of Magic, Christian Magic, Planetary Magic, and Magical Ethics. The work moves on to cover equipment, the planets and their attributes, issues associated with candles magic, and alternatives to candles. The alternatives mentioned include incense, oils, and tarot cards. Interesting, well-written section on ritual design including working with the Wheel of the Year, the Moon, Astrological Signs, the days of the week, etc. Diagrams in the back illustrate altar set-up, and there is a short list of suggested further reading on the subject. Practical, well-written, user-friendly, and a good starting point. If you want to try magick without leaving your belief system, pick up this book. The publisher is planning a series of these “Guide for the Novice” books.

Publisher Eschaton Productions Inc.
Date 7/1997
ISBN 1573531103 1573531103 1573531103
Price $7.50