The Candle Magick Workbook: Why and How Candle Magick Works

Candle Magick Workbook
by Pajeon, Kala & Ketz
Reviewed by Bkwyrm

Category: General Magick

Subtitled “How And Why Candle Magick Works”. Supposedly, this book begins where the other books on candle magick leave off. This is a workbook, with step-by-step instructions for developing your skills. The Pajeons have taken candle magick, wrapped it up with chakras, auras, past-life regression, some astrology, and a fair amount of new-age theory, and presented it as what candle magick is really all about. The language is stilted, the illustrations are amateurish, and a good half of the book is pre-printed “worksheets”. In addition, the work is so badly arranged that the reader is constantly flipping through the book to get to the sections needed. Don't bother. There are lots of books out there on candle magick, and the vast majority of them are better than this one.

Publisher Citadel Press
Date 10/1991
ISBN 0806512687 0806512687 0806512687
Price $12.95