Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods

Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods
by Meeks, Dmitri and Favard-Meeks, Christine
Reviewed by Julianus

Categories: General Magick Other

This book uses an interesting methodology: it treats the Egyptian Gods as an ethnic group subject to anthropological study much as one might have studied the Egyptians themselves. The authors apparently decided on this approach after noting that most scholarship on Egyptian religion shed more light on the scholars' biases than on the supposed subject, a phenomenon nicely described in the Introduction. The Meeks have therefore relied on surviving texts and inscriptions (a full participant-observer approach being rather difficult!) to describe the Gods, their origins, customs, and mode of life, as well as the human afterlife. Extensive reconstructions of Egyptian ritual are also included. This book thus forms an excellent detailed resource for students of Egyptian mythology.

Publisher Cornell University Press
Date 10/1996
ISBN 0801482488 0801482488 0801482488
Price $19.95