Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon
by Adler, Margot
Reviewed by Bkwyrm

Categories: Paganism - Wicca Paganism - Other

First written in the late seventies, updated in 1986, this book has become a classic. It details Adler's journey through much of the world's Pagan community, and contains interviews and observations. A reference work more than a workbook or instruction book, it can be found on many Pagan shelves. It is out of date by a long shot, but still an interesting work. Some folks don't like it, as it accurately depicts some of the dissensions in the community over issues such as theology, philosophy, and ethics.

Publishing Note: The 1995 edition has some tremendously annoying typeface mistakes, with line after line blurry, bolded, or in italics for no reason at all. The new 1997 edition appears to be free of these mistakes.

Publisher Penguin USA
Date 3/1997
ISBN 014019536X 014019536X 014019536X
Price $16.95