I, Crowley: Almost the Last Confession of the Beast 666

I, Crowley: Almost the Last Confession of the Beast 666
by Wilson, Snoo
Reviewed by Phil Hine

Categories: General Magick Thelema Ceremonial Magick Other

Crowley remains (doubtless he would be delighted) a controversial figure. He has his detractors, his acolytes, imitators and those who would ‘whitewash over’ all the naughty things he is supposed to have done. In I, Crowley, Snoo Wilson seems to have, to my mind, captured a sense of the essence of Aleister. At least, at times when I was reading this novel, I had to remind myself that this was not the Beast himself talking! Snoo Wilson turns a neat epigram, and has the delightful blend of eloquence and crudity which for me, is the mark of the Beast. Covering ‘his’ meeting with Leah Hirsig, the founding of the Abbey of Thelema and that er, unfortunate incident with a cat, I, Crowley is a thoroughly engaging romp of which the first 666 copies have a piece of hygienically-cured goatskin glued to the spine! Definitely one for the bookshelves!

Publisher Mandrake of Oxford
Date 12/1997
ISBN 1869928490 1869928490 1869928490
Price OOP