Inside A Witches Coven

Inside A Witches Coven
by McCoy, Edain
Reviewed by Bkwyrm

Category: Paganism - Wicca

I think this work could have been subtitled “So You Want To Join/Start A Coven”. I am so glad to see a book on this topic, you have no idea. And from Edain McCoy, of all people. She's generally considered to be such a twit that I didn't even want to LOOK at this book. Good thing I did, though. Turns out to be a great resource.

Tremendously handy. Clearly written. Covers everything from the different kinds of covens, working with others, festivals, secret teachings, and a whole chapter on the sensible way to go about joining a coven. I have some quibbles with her terminology sometimes but hey, I'm not the Dictator of Pagan Vocabulary (I'd like to be, if the election is coming up). The book does contain a few rituals, but lots of suggestions for creating your own. Covers witchwars, leadership problems, and leaving a coven that you've belonged to in the past. This book is written for the beginner, as so many Pagan books are, but this is certainly not run-of-the-mill or semi-useful.

McCoy is not usually one of my favorite authors (to put it mildly), so for me to highly recommend this book is really saying something about the quality of the writing and advice. If you're looking for a coven, or thinking of starting one, or just wondering if you might want to try group work rather than solitary, this is really a great book to pick up.

Publisher Llewellyn Publications
Date 4/1997
ISBN 1567186661 1567186661 1567186661
Price $10.00